3 Stylish Ways to Incorporate Elements of Nature into Your Modern Kitchen

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For so many of us today in the 21st century, everyday life is hectic and rushed, so a kitchen needs to serve the dual purpose – it needs to make meal preparation easy for when we’re on the go while simultaneously serving as a refuge for when we can finally gather together and spend quality time with those we love.

This is why modern kitchen design is sleek and efficient with the convenience of new appliances and a layout constructed to encourage quality social interactions. However, just because it’s designed for modern life doesn’t mean a kitchen can’t also transport us back to nature.

After all, just because you don’t live in the country doesn’t mean you can’t get the benefits of nature. Natural elements are known to be soothing to human beings – which is why even the most contemporary, industrial, or urban design schemes will make a point to strategically incorporate elements from nature.

Ideally, your modern kitchen can and should do the same.

If your modern kitchen would benefit from adding a natural touch, here are three ways you can bring some of the best of the outdoors inside:


1. Stone Accents RTA Wood Cabinets

Incorporating stone into your kitchen design can make it feel earthy and elemental. The obvious place to feature stone work is in the kitchen countertops, which are frequently granite, marble, quartz, or even concrete shaped and stained to mimic a natural rock formation.

However, stone can provide a striking accent all throughout a kitchen. For example, you might want to try a backsplash made up of stones of different shades and textures. Or, there’s a new design trend to cover the hood above your stove with brick, suggesting the appearance of a chimney.

You may have seen an urban loft with an exposed brick or stone wall that makes a statement. However, you could incorporate just a small mosaic of stones as a design accent and still draw everyone’s attention.


2. A Touch of Green

One of the quickest, simplest ways to introduce a touch of nature into your kitchen is with plants. There’s nothing like some organic greenery to make a space feel fresh and inviting.

If you are more ambitious, you may even want to invest in a kind of indoor garden, perhaps growing several plants along a specialty designed wall. If you enjoy cooking, it’s a perfect way to always have ripe herbs on hand.

However, even if you don’t have a green thumb, there are still ways you can bring live plants into your kitchen. For example, a cactus or other succulent plant is generally low maintenance. Or, you might want to pick up a small bouquet as part of your weekly trip to the grocery store.


3. The Warmth of Wood RTA Wood Cabinets

Wood is one of the most popular ways to add a rustic touch to a kitchen. You don’t have to live in a log cabin to appreciate the sensation of warmth that wood pieces can add to your kitchen.

Today, it’s a popular design trend for even the most contemporary kitchens to feature wooden beams on the ceiling. The grain and texture of the wood often perfectly complements the metallic elements that are characteristic of a modern kitchen design.

Another way to feature wood is in your kitchen cabinets. Although many wooden cabinets get painted so that they no longer resemble wood, you might prefer a stain that instead enhances the natural wood look.

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