4 Reasons You Just Might Love Gray Kitchen Cabinets

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You want a kitchen that feels spacious, clean, organized, and stylish – but you can’t spend your life making it perfect, right? The key to getting the best possible kitchen with minimal time and effort is to put your efforts into designing it well upfront. One surprisingly easy and effective way you can do this is to incorporate gray kitchen cabinets into your design.

When you’re in the process of designing your kitchen, you want to choose a color scheme that will give you a sleek minimalist look and will make the rest of your kitchen decorating and ongoing cleaning work much easier than it otherwise would be.

Though you may find it surprising, here are 4 reasons why gray kitchen cabinets might be the perfect choice for your home:


1. Gray Kitchen Cabinets Work with a Variety of Color Palettes

Just like black and white, gray is a neutral color that can work in conjunction with a variety of other color choices.

Gray can serve as a background color that will offset bright hues if you’re someone who loves to incorporate colorful backsplashes or accent walls into your kitchen design. Or, you can pair your gray cabinets with shades of cream or off-white, and let the gray be the center of attention.


2. Gray Kitchen Cabinets Will Highlight Other Kitchen Textures and Materials

One significant consideration in any kitchen design process is the choice of materials for your countertops, furniture, appliances, and other accessories. Certain color choices may limit what materials and textures will be complementary, but with gray cabinets the options are seemingly endless.

Depending on the shade of gray you choose for your cabinets, you can find ways to mimic various metallic or stone materials. Or, you can use the gray cabinets to contrast wood, glass, plastic, marble, or other materials. There’s also a happy medium where you can match the gray cabinets to certain strands of color in a granite countertop, for example.

Whether you prefer a modernistic aesthetic or a look that’s more traditional, gray kitchen cabinets can work well in the design.


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3. Gray Kitchen Cabinets Hold Up to the Weather and Changing Seasons

White cabinets may be a “classic” choice, but let’s face it – whites get dirty very easily, and kitchens are notoriously messy, dirty spaces. It’s much easier to keep gray cabinets looking clean without as much effort.

Best of all, gray cabinets can match the tones of any season. While bright blues and greens may look appealing during the spring and summer, they can easily appear garish in winter light. With gray cabinets however, you can make minor seasonal adjustments to your kitchen accessories, and the gray color can be fitting and appropriate all year long.


4. Gray Kitchen Cabinets Will Add Sophistication and Simplicity

Shades of gray can instantaneously add a touch of sophistication and luxury to any space.

You may have noticed that gray kitchen cabinets are quite popular on Pinterest in 2020. But gray is also considered a classically sophisticated neutral color, so the look is not only trendy but timeless.

The color gray is often associated with attributes such quiet, calmness, wisdom, and tranquility, so by incorporating gray cabinets you can evoke feelings of relaxation while simultaneously building up expectation for the other color and textural aspects of your kitchen.

Here at RTA Wood Cabinets, we’ve seen our gray Amesbury Mist Shaker Cabinets add a touch of minimalistic luxury to both modern and traditional kitchen designs.

Want to explore the possibilities of gray kitchen cabinets for your home? You can find out more about how this style could work for you by speaking with one of our friendly customer service representatives here at RTA Wood Cabinets. Just give us a call at: 800-788-7575.

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