4 Reasons You Should Seriously Consider Getting New Kitchen Cabinets ASAP

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Kitchens are often one of the most used rooms in a home. Not only are they the site of hours spent cooking and cleaning, they’re also frequently the room where everyone gathers to talk about important issues or do big projects. With all the time you spend in your kitchen, you might not even notice day by day how much your kitchen is wearing down….

However, kitchens do wear down, often more quickly than other rooms in a home, so it’s important to plan for regular upgrades. It’s not just a question of trying to “keep up with Joneses” in terms of the latest trends and fashions in kitchen design. With all the messiness that comes with regular kitchen use, chances are that if you haven’t replaced your kitchen cabinets in the past 7-10 years, it’s probably time.

If your kitchen cabinets show any of the following 4 signs of deterioration, then you should not delay. Now is the time to make replacing your kitchen cabinets a priority.


1. Your Kitchen Cabinets Are Falling Apart

Take a close look at your cabinets. Are there cracks or stains? Are your cabinets warping or pulling away from the wall? Is the hardware starting to fall out? If so, your best bet is now probably just to replace your cabinets.

It may not be what you want to hear. Many homeowners would rather try a quicker fix, like just painting or resurfacing the front of the cabinets. Unfortunately, many kitchen cabinets are made of cheap materials, and these kinds of cabinets will start to break down quickly. If you try to resurface or paint cheap cabinets, it won’t make them any stronger, and you’ll just have to replace them soon anyway.

If you want to make a better long-term investment, you will be better off ditching your current cabinets and getting higher quality cabinets now.


2. Your Kitchen Cabinets Smell Bad RTA Wood Cabinets

Is there an unpleasant odor wafting from your kitchen cabinets? Wood cabinets can absorb bad smells from food spills that were never completely cleaned or maybe even from your pets.

If there is a lingering bad smell coming from your cabinets, the problem could be mold.

Unfortunately, if you do have mold, then that bad odor will start to affect everything porous that is near your cabinets, from plastic containers, to towels, to even food items you’re storing in the kitchen. A serious mold problem could require a professional cleaning, and the mold might still return.

Sometimes, it’s better to just cut your losses and start fresh with new good quality cabinets.


3. Your Current Kitchen Cabinets Are Made of Metal

Did you kitchen come with metal cabinets? When metal cabinets are brand new, they can look futuristic and shiny and give your kitchen a cutting-edge modern vibe.

Unfortunately, metal cabinets often do not last long in kitchens without showing signs of wear and aging. In a kitchen, it’s easy for metal cabinets to get scratched or dented, and the marks will probably stick out like a sore thumb.

If your metal cabinets now look dull and rough, you whole kitchen will appear tired and outdated until they are replaced.


4. Your Kitchen Cabinets No Longer Fit Your New Layout RTA Wood Cabinets

Sometimes homeowners start making upgrades in a piecemeal fashion. Maybe it starts with the purchase of some new appliances, or an investment in the kitchen island you’ve always wanted. Or maybe you’ve expanded the space by removing the wall to the dining room you never used anyway.

Once you start making significant changes to your kitchen layout, chances are your cabinets will no longer fit the design. Not only will your cabinets look old and run down next to some shiny new additions, you will probably want to upgrade your storage capacity too.

Are you convinced yet that you need new kitchen cabinets ASAP? Are you worried that you won’t be able to get new high-quality cabinets without spending a fortune? Lucky for you, we have a solution!

Here at RTA Wood Cabinets, we specialize in delivering quality cabinets at affordable prices. We’re able to do this by providing assembled and ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets that we make easy to DIY. We also even offer a FREE kitchen design consultation with one of our kitchen experts.

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