4 Ways You Can Improve Your Kitchen with an L-Shaped Design

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Are you looking to refresh your kitchen style with a new design that is both practical and remarkably elegant? If so, you should consider one of today’s most trendy kitchen layouts: an L-shaped kitchen.

The right kitchen layout is essential to making sure your space will function as an efficient workspace in addition to serving all your entertaining needs. You don’t want to make an expensive error when a little careful planning at the beginning of your kitchen remodeling process can ensure a solid foundational start.

Luckily, an L-shaped kitchen design can offer flexibility and flair to a variety of different kitchens both large and small. Simply put, an L-shaped kitchen is one where countertops, cabinetry, and some major kitchen appliances (such as your stove and sink) are lined up along two rows that come together to form a right angle at the corner, creating the shape of a letter “L”.

One of the major benefits of an L-shaped design is that it keeps the work zones of your kitchen all close together while freeing up lots of space in between. Best of all, it can often be adapted to other structural elements of your home, such as slanted ceilings or support walls. 

Here are 4 ways you might be able to improve your kitchen with an L-shaped layout design:


1. Utilize an L-shape in your open layout

If your home features an open layout floorplan with no walls separating the kitchen from the living area of your home, you can accentuate the openness with an L-shaped kitchen design.

Make the most of your space by using the walls in the far corner of your kitchen to form the L-space and house your main appliances, storage, and work zones. This can help keep the majority of your kitchen messes as far away from the rest of the living space as possible.


2. Incorporate a window into your L-shaped kitchen design RTA Wood Cabinets

One of the most popular ways to bring balance to your L-shaped kitchen design is by running one side of the L under a large window while the other side goes under your stove hood and some cabinetry.

The window not only serves a functional purpose in bring more light into your space where you could use extra lighting, it also adds visual interest, as the view outside a big picture window is often better than any painted picture. You can highlight the aesthetic effect by adding in some textured blinds – perhaps made out of bamboo or other natural element.


3. Make the most of a large kitchen space with double L’s

If you’re lucky enough to have a roomy kitchen, you might want to strategically incorporate two L’s, arranging them to optimize your floor space for traffic.

For example, you could use a large L along the walls to hold your main appliances and prep countertops, then incorporate a small L inside the space for seating and entertaining.


4. Leverage your L-shape to maximize your small kitchen 

An L-shaped design is also ideal for a small kitchen as it brings all your storage and appliances into just one corner of the room and leave the rest of the space as expansive as possible.

In a small kitchen, it’s a good idea to use light colors for the cabinets and countertops that form your L so that the corner won’t feel so cramped. You might also want to incorporate upper cabinets with glass-paneled doors for extra light. 

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