5 Expert Design Tips to Get Your Kitchen Ready for Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving Day is almost here! Though the holiday may look different this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you can still have a beautiful experience celebrating gratitude for the Fall harvest and all the blessings in your life. This might even be the perfect year to experiment with creating new family traditions.

On Thanksgiving, the kitchen is perhaps the most important room as this is where you’ll spend most of your time preparing – if not gathering together – to enjoy the abundant holiday meal.

Here are five tips we’ve collected from interior designers to help make sure your kitchen will be more festive than ever this Thanksgiving:


1. Choose a Thanksgiving Theme

If you want your Thanksgiving décor to have a professional design flair, even though you’re planning it all on your own, it’s important for you to start as a professional designer would: by choosing a theme.

A Thanksgiving theme will help you create a cohesive style while also minimizing the number of choices you’ll need to make and the amount of money and/or time you’ll need to spend. You might want to start with a favorite Fall object or image to serve as your focal point of inspiration.


2. Incorporate Autumnal Nature Elements RTA Wood Cabinets

This time of year, you can really get into the spirit of celebrating a harvest by bringing a touch of nature indoors.

For example, you could carve out leftover Halloween pumpkins and use them to showcase flowers or candles. Or, you might want to decorate your tables and walls with ears of multi-colored corn or sprigs of dried berries. Consider which elements of nature are most prominent right now in your region, and let that serve as your design inspiration


3. Go Beyond Traditional Thanksgiving Colors

When it comes to Thanksgiving, most people associate the holiday with colors such as brown, orange, red, and/or gold. However, you can make a bold design statement by choosing an alternative color palette that will still be festive.

For example, rustic browns paired with black dinnerware can look striking and romantic. Or try pairing cream / off-white elements with greens for a style that feels organic and calming.


4. Let Kid Contribute to Creating a Fun Kid’s Table RTA Wood Cabinets

If you’ll have young children at your Thanksgiving feast, you can let them enjoy contributing to the decoration process while still keeping your overall design appealing to adults. The key to is to let the kids have a space / table that’s all their own.

You can assume the kids will probably make a mess, but at least you can contain it. Perhaps you’ll give them crayons and construction paper to create their own Thanksgiving arts and craft projects. Or you might want to give them a kid-friendly version of your adult theme – for example filling bowls with dried berries or nuts in a way that will complement the adult table.


5. Create Your Perfect Thanksgiving Centerpiece

One of the classic design elements for a Thanksgiving table is a stand out centerpiece. But you don’t need an elaborate cornucopia in order to impress your guests. Oftentimes, a minimalist choice that’s personalized will be even more memorable.

Don’t forget, a small Thanksgiving centerpiece is always more practical as it makes it easier for guests to see each other, communicate, and past dishes across the table. While keeping things small, you do want to layer multiple textures and complementary colors, such as leafy green foliage with metallic candlesticks and a few small cream-colored gourds.

This time of year, our team here at RTA Wood Cabinets feels especially thankful for YOU our customers and community. When you’re ready to upgrade your kitchen with new kitchen cabinets, we’re happy to offer you a FREE consultation with one of our kitchen designers. You can give us a call at: 800-788-7575.