5 Kitchen Design Trends for 2022

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Are you planning to remodel your kitchen in 2022? If so, you want to make sure your kitchen won’t look and feel dated in just a couple years. Remodeling a kitchen is a major investment, and you want to make sure yours will be worthwhile. In order to design a kitchen that will feel contemporary and fresh for the next several years, try beginning by exploring kitchen trends for 2022. 

The truth is, most kitchen trends last for at least 5-10 years and evolve over time. You might notice that some of the most important trends for 2022 have already been popular for the past few years. However, by keeping on top of what’s considered in style for this coming year, you can ensure your kitchen design will have a long duration, at least until a time when you’ll probably want to remodel your kitchen again anyway.   

Here are 5 of the hottest kitchen design trends for 2022 that will make your kitchen photograph-worthy for the next several years:


1. Bold Color

Bright, bold hues might feel like a design risk as trendy colors have been known to quickly go out of style. However, in 2022, kitchen design will be all about bold natural colors that can also function like neutrals, so you get deep colors that won’t feel like just a fad.

Multiple shades of blue have been and will continue to be popular in kitchens in 2022. Also, be on the lookout for sage greens and deep plum tones as both accent colors and as the dominant hue for your entire kitchen.


2. Layers Upon Layers RTA Wood Cabinets

“Layering” is one of the trendiest topics in interior design for 2022. You will see layered colors, layered textures, layered patterns, and even layered lighting. The idea is to bring in variations on a theme for a greater sense of depth and complexity.

For example, you can layer your lighting by choosing various accent and task lighting, perhaps in different colors, over the ambient lighting of your kitchen. Or, you might layer textiles with complimentary patterns one on top of the other for a quilted effect.


3. Minimalist Design

Minimalism is an existing trend that will continue to be prominent over the 2020’s, especially as more smart technology becomes prominent in kitchens.

In many ways, minimalism is a “classic” style because a tidy, uncluttered kitchen will always be the most functional. However, as technology continues to accelerate and it fees harder to focus and pay attention, a minimalist kitchen will be more valuable than ever to reduce feelings of chaos and overwhelm.

Minimalist design typically includes clean lines, but you can expect to see more of these in kitchen design for 2022 with a rising trend in geometric, angular shapes. Expect to see a blend of organic curves and straight lines creating distinctive patterns. 


4. Earthy Elements RTA Wood Cabinets

Earthy materials like wood and stone will add a sense of rustic simplicity and a grounded feel that will pair beautifully with the natural colors and minimalist design in kitchens in 2022.

Not only will these materials connect the inside of your kitchen with the outdoors, their simplicity will let the rest of your design take center stage. For example, you can expect to see stark cement or rock countertops with little to no veining, or wood that shows the natural grain.


5. Flat Front Cabinets

In keeping with the minimalist, earthy theme, cabinets doors with be flat, slab panels perhaps with a textured appeal.

For example, check out the Matrix Greystone  or Milano White assembled cabinets we offer here at RTA Wood Cabinets. 

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