5 Pieces of Kitchen Furniture You Should Plan to Incorporate into Your 2021 Kitchen Renovation

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Many times, homeowners will start planning for their new kitchens by dreaming and budgeting for appliances. Certainly, if you’re going to invest in a cutting-edge smart oven or a professional grade range that’s fit for a chef, you’ll want to make sure you allocate your renovation budget accordingly. However, you’ll also want to be sure to factor in the cost of new kitchen furniture.

Here are 5 pieces of kitchen furniture you’ll want to plan to include in your 2021 kitchen remodel:


1. Kitchen Island

A kitchen island is often a crucial component for a new kitchen layout as it serves both a practical and an aesthetic function.

Practically speaking, a kitchen island can be critical for preparing meals, for entertaining, and for storage. A kitchen island will give you more counterspace, more cabinets, and possibly even racks and shelves to store your kitchen belongings. Some islands even incorporate sinks or major kitchen appliances. You might also want a dual-level island so that you can use your island for seating too.

From a design perspective, a kitchen island is often a focal point for the entire kitchen. You can make a design statement with the colors and materials you choose to feature in your island!


2. Chairs and Stools RTA Wood Cabinets

As you’re planning furniture for your kitchen, don’t forget that you’ll probably want people to be able to sit in the kitchen, at least sometimes.

Even if you don’t have a kitchen table, it can be useful to invest in some type of stools or chairs, even if you just want to keep them on hand to use, for example, at the kitchen island when you have guests.

A beautiful, trendy kitchen often features chairs and stools in heavy luxurious materials. There are a variety of beautiful woods and metals that can serve as the base of your kitchen seating. Also, look for

5 Pieces of Kitchen Furniture You Should Plan to Incorporate into Your 2021 Kitchen RenovationWill 2021 be the year you finally remodel your kitchen? Whether you’re planning a full-scale renovation or just looking to upgrade a few features, there are several pieces of kitchen furniture you’ll want to consider including in your plans to make sure your kitchen will be modern and functional.


3. Kitchen Cart

If your kitchen will be a busy kitchen, you should consider investing in a kitchen cart.

If you’ve been following the latest trends and interior design images on social media, you’ve undoubtedly seen kitchen carts in the hottest luxury kitchens. A kitchen cart makes it easy to display and transport all of the items for a delicious meal without someone needing to constantly come and go to fetch what’s needed.

Best of all, you can also use your kitchen cart for outdoor barbecues and entertaining throughout all the rooms of your home!


4. Pot Rack RTA Wood Cabinets

One quick and easy way to help declutter your kitchen and make it easier to prepare meals is to incorporate a pot rack into your kitchen layout design.

All of the top chefs definitely make use of a pot rack. Whether you hang it from an otherwise empty side wall or take advantage of the space above your head, a pot rack helps keep your kitchen organized while also freeing up space from your cabinets.


5. Kitchen Cabinets

As you’re planning your perfect dream kitchen for 2021, don’t forget about the kitchen cabinets!

Choosing the right kitchen cabinets for your needs and preferences will be crucial to a successful kitchen renovation. Oftentimes, cabinetry will require a substantial percentage of your renovation budget, and they will certainly take up a lot of the visual space in your kitchen. So, you want to be sure to make a smart choice.

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