5 Things You Need to Know to Make Your Two-Tone Kitchen a Success

RTA Wood CabinetsOne of the most popular kitchen trends today is the two-tone color design. There are many reasons this style has become popular, including its elegant simplicity and functional appeal. However, there are ways this design trend can go wrong if you’re not careful.

Here’s what you need to know to make sure your two-tone kitchen will be a success:


1. Advantages of a Two-Tone Kitchen Design

If you’re renovating your kitchen and want to showcase a modern style, a two-tone kitchen will definitely give you that unmistakably contemporary appeal. Two-tone kitchens are not traditional, and there’s no way a two-tone kitchen will look like a holdover from decades past.

In addition, incorporating two colors can help you integrate all the elements of your kitchen together. It also provides a sense of contrast and can increase the perception of available space in your kitchen.


2. Potential Disadvantages of Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets

While two-tone kitchens have many potential advantages, there are some possible disadvantages you want to be sure to avoid.

For example, there is a risk that a two-tone kitchen will make your space look “busy.”  A kitchen already contains many different components, so if you’re not careful about your color selection and placement, the extra coloring could be distracting. A designer can help with your planning to make sure this won’t happen to your kitchen.

Also, you want to make sure that the colors you choose will complement each other in addition to all the other elements of your kitchen. Too many differences can create visual confusion. A kitchen ought to feel welcoming and composed, and you want to make sure your design will contribute to this feeling.


3. Choose a Focal Point for Your Overall Design 

RTA Wood Cabinets

One of the best ways you can make sure your design will have balance is to choose a focal point for your kitchen design. Choose one aspect of your kitchen that will be your stand-out statement design element. 

Sometimes a striking work of art or remarkable accessory can be the focal point. If you want a two-tone kitchen, then two-tone cabinets could be your focal point. Not only will they draw the eye in a distinctive way, the contrast can accentuate the functionality of your design.


4. Utilize Darker Floor Coloring

Because you’re choosing to feature multiple colors in your kitchen, one way you can achieve a sense of tonal balance is by installing a dark colored floor. Whether you choose a deep espresso, an opaque black, or simply a dark-washed wood, a darker floor coloring will enhance your new kitchen design. 

A dark floor will just enhance the color contrast of your two-tone kitchen. It will also help guide the eye toward the brighter colors and light elements in the room.


5. Strive For Design Harmony

In order to create a consistent, streamlined design scheme, you’ll want to be sure to harmonize everything in your kitchen, from the furniture, to the walls, to the floors, to the appliances, to any kitchen accessories.

For example, even if your kitchen cabinets are in two different colors, their design still should be coordinated. Even if the cabinets are separated, they still need to look as though they belong together.

Make sure to pay attention not only to the colors, but also to the textures and the metallic finishes you feature in your kitchen. For instance, if you choose different hardware for your two-toned kitchen cabinets, you’ll want to be sure that their shapes and finishes are harmonized.

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