6 Design Tips to Create Your Dream Modern Kitchen in 2021

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While traditional kitchen design will probably never go out of style, many homeowners in 2021 are gravitating toward the sleek clean lines and minimalism of a modern kitchen.

If you’re interested in upgrading your kitchen, here are 6 design tips to help you plan a beautiful modern-style kitchen this year:


1. Bold Colors

One of the benefits of embracing a modern approach to kitchen design is you get to express your design personality in vibrant and bold colors.

While many modern kitchens often do incorporate a black and white base, most also do make sure to feature bright colors as an accent. In 2021, green is one of the most popular colors for modern kitchens. You will find all sorts of modern kitchen décor in shades of blue-green, mint green, olive green, hunter green, and sage green. Blues and pinks are also trendy colors in modern kitchens this year.


2. Sleek & Geometric Light Fixtures RTA Wood Cabinets

When you’re designing a modern kitchen in 2021, make sure to pay attention to the shape of your lighting fixtures.

While some modern light fixtures are small and subtle and other light fixtures are large statement pieces, one commonality of all modern lighting is a sleek, geometric look. Say goodbye to ornate, intricate detail and let the shape of your kitchen lighting be the key to its design appeal!


3. Contrasting Textures

Many of the most cutting-edge kitchen designs in 2021 are a study in contrasting textures.

For example, you might see cool earthy stone flooring paired with a warm wooden accent wall, or dark matte cabinets paired with shiny polished metal hardware. Today’s modern kitchens often try to integrate some of the favorite elements from diverse design styles, so don’t be afraid to mix-and-match features for the kitchen that’s perfect for you.


4. Natural Elements

Although you might anticipate that a modern kitchen would be futuristic, metallic, and/or industrial, it’s also important to bring in elements of nature to balance out your design.

Whether it’s a small herb garden you grow in a windowsill, a basket of fresh fruit you display on your countertops, or some fresh cut flowers in a polished metal vase, don’t forget to bring something from the outdoors inside to add an organic touch to your otherwise modern kitchen design.


5. Linear Kitchen Cabinet Hardware RTA Wood Cabinets

Stark straight lines are often featured in modern kitchen designs. One place you’re likely to see this shape is in the hardware on modern kitchen cabinets.

Instead of curved pull handles or rounded knobs, straight linear hardware is what’s most popular for modern kitchen cabinets in 2021. Bar style pulls are one example of the kind of linear hardware you’ll see in cabinetry design. Long hardware that spans almost the entire face of a cabinet is also trending today.


6. Streamlined Kitchen Cabinet Doors

In order to make sure your kitchen will give off a truly modern vibe in 2021, you want to make sure you have a streamlined design for your kitchen cabinet doors.

There are two popular styles for streamlined kitchen cabinet doors. You might choose Shaker-style doors, which are perfect if your kitchen is transitioning from a more traditional to a more modern design – the clean, minimalist lines of this classic style make it work across the design spectrum.

However, if you want to showcase a super-sleek, ultra-modern style, be sure to choose a slab panel frameless door for the perfect minimalist approach.

Are you looking to modernize your kitchen this year? Our team at RTA Wood Cabinets will be happy to help make sure you get as high-quality affordable design plan. We’ll even give you a free design call with one of our kitchen experts. You can find out more by giving us a call at: 1-800-788-7575.