6 Secrets About Black Kitchen Design


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Do you want your kitchen to bold? Or neutral? What if your kitchen design could be both bold AND neutral? If that sounds like an impossible contradiction, then it’s time you learned about the beauty of black coloring for your kitchen design style.


If you hate having to choose between false alternatives, then black kitchen design could be perfect for your home. Here are 6 secrets to know about this elusive style choice which can be so divine (and so sinfully indulgent) when you get it just right: 


1. Black is Timeless (and Trendy!)

Although, black is considered an uncommon choice for kitchens, it truly is a timeless color. Just like the perfect little black dress, styling your kitchen in black gives it an automatic classic appeal that is versatile. Black will pair well with any other color choice you may want to incorporate.

Not only is black timeless, it is also trendy. As more homeowners are discovering the appeal of black kitchen design, you are now starting to see this look appear in some of the hottest style guides. With black design for your kitchen, you will never go out of style!


2. Black May Be the Color of Dirt, But It’s Also Clean & Tidy

Do you want a kitchen that’s easy to clean? Glossy black kitchens make it easy to see and wipe up stains, plus these finishes are often scratch resistant. A bright colorful stain that would ruin a white kitchen often seamlessly blends into black.

Best of all, black kitchen design always appears sleek and tidy because it offers a kind of blank slate for the rest of your design choices. No matter how you want to light up your kitchen, black will always provide a complimentary look. 


3. Black is Unpretentious, Yet Also Sophisticated

Black tones in a kitchen naturally fade into the background letting other colors take center stage. On its own, black doesn’t call attention to itself.

At the same, time, black is associated with elegance and sophistication. If you want your kitchen to look rich and luxurious in an understated way, black is an ideal design choice.


4. Black is Cool (Figuratively and Literally) RTA Wood Cabinet

Do you want your kitchen to have a hip, fashionable vibe? You’ll certainly count yourself among the cool kids with a black kitchen.

Black kitchens are also cool from a temperature perspective. Unlike white kitchens that reflect a lot of light and thus keep heat and moisture trapped inside, your black kitchen will feel refreshing as it will be less warm and less humid.


5. Don’t Worry, Black Can Be Spacious

Imagine staring into an infinite abyss. Essentially, it’s like staring into a black hole…

Although, some homeowners worry that a black kitchen may feel cramped, the truth is, as long as you don’t have a physically tiny kitchen, black kitchen design can actually feel quite spacious precisely because of the absence of color.


6. Black is Daring but Also Neutral

On the one hand, black is a striking color. You literally can’t get any darker than black, and when serving as an accent against white or lighter colored elements, black tones in your kitchen will immediately stand out and catch the eye.

On the other hand, black is also a neutral. When it is the dominant color theme of your kitchen, black will provide the ideal backdrop to let other colors in your kitchen truly pop. Plus, it can be paired with any other colors, materials, or textures.

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