6 Tips to Remodel a Small Kitchen in 2022

Small Kitchen Remodel

If you have a small kitchen, it can be tricky to figure out a new kitchen remodel. There may be so many features you would love to have that simply won’t work in the space you have available.

Luckily, there are many kitchen design strategies that will maximize the efficiency of the space you do have while creating a beautiful aesthetic. You definitely want to make sure you balance both function and style. For example, the best layout is usually determined by the placement of your windows and any doors.

Here are 6 tips for remodeling your small kitchen in 2022:  


1. U-Shaped Layout

If you want as much prep space as possible in a small kitchen, try for a layout in the shape of a U. This shape ensures there’s only a small distance between all the countertops so that you can easily achieve the “kitchen work triangle” between refrigerator, sink, and stove that makes prep time easier.

If your kitchen won’t accommodate a U-shape, you can also maximize an L-shape design. With this layout, you’ll probably want to make sure you have wall cabinets for storage and countertops that reach to the walls in order to get the most prep space. Flooring with a bold geometric pattern can also make your L-shaped layout feel bigger than it is. 


2. Incorporate Full-Size Appliances & Features

When you have a small kitchen, you might be tempted to scale down to a smaller sink, stove, and other appliances. However, that can end up looking and feeling cramped and compromised.

A full-size range stovetop and double sink will not only be more functional, it will help your kitchen feel grander and more spacious. If anything, it’s better to select just a few of your favorite full-scale, multi-functional appliances rather than trying to cram in everything in a tiny size.

3. Plan for a Table 

Many homeowners with a small kitchen believe there won’t be enough space for a table. However, you should seriously consider making room for a breakfast-sized table, especially one that can extend out with extra leaves if you have company.

Choosing a L-shape kitchen is smart if it will leave you a wall free for a table, especially if that table will be under or across from a window.

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4. Remove a Wall

Sometimes a small kitchen doesn’t have to stay a small kitchen.

If your home currently does not feature an open floor layout, it might be possible to remove a wall that separates the kitchen from a dining room or living room. In order to keep a sense of separation between the spaces, you can install a peninsula or even a small kitchen island that can help you with kitchen prep and storage while also opening up your space. 


5. Incorporate Non-Kitchen Design Elements 

One of the latest trends in kitchen design, especially if you have an open concept kitchen, is to incorporate non-kitchen elements into your kitchen.  This will make your kitchen feel like just part of the living room and create an overall greater sense of spaciousness.

For example, you can remove the traditional kitchen wall cabinets or open shelves and replace them with wall art so that your kitchen space blends right in with the living area. For storage, you can use a tall cabinet or even a vintage-looking chest of drawers that matches your living room décor.  


6. Keep Things Clutter-Free!

With a small kitchen, you really want to try for a minimalist design. Not only will this make your kitchen a more efficient space, it will help make the small room feel bigger and brighter.

In order to keep clutter off your countertops, you might want to invest in more closed-door cabinetry in order to keep all your belongings tucked away out of sight. One strategy for a small kitchen is to incorporate floor-to-ceiling storage on just one wall in order to maximize your storage potential while keeping the rest of the kitchen open.

Would you appreciate more advice and tips to help your remodel your small kitchen this year? If so, be sure to get in touch with our team here at RTA Wood Cabinets. We even offer a FREE kitchen design to help you maximize your small kitchen layout. You can learn more by giving us a call at: 1-800-788-7575.

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