7 Appliances & Features for a Luxury Kitchen in 2021

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Are you dreaming of kitchen that’s elegant, cutting-edge, and truly luxurious? When you close your eyes and imagine your perfect kitchen, do you see those top-of-the line appliances in combination with a sophisticated sense of style?

If you want to create a luxury kitchen for 2021, here are 7 must-have appliances and features you’ll want to prioritize:


1. Drawer Refrigerator

Is your refrigerator packed to the brim? There is a solution that doesn’t require you to squeeze another refrigerator into your home.

While many homes may try to make room for an extra refrigerator in a basement or storage room, the ultimate luxury is the convenience of extra refrigeration right in your kitchen without having to sacrifice all the space needed for a bulky appliance. That dream could be your reality with refrigerated drawers.

Refrigerated drawers allow you to expand your cold storage and fit in right under your existing countertops. You could create a child-height drawer for your family’s favorite snacks, dedicate one drawer just for organic produce, or have back up for your leftovers – the possibilities are endless!


2. Beverage Station

One must-have feature of a luxury kitchen is a dedicated beverage station. Which beverages you choose to have on hand will be up to your preferences, but possibilities include a bar for coffee and/or tea, a wine/alcoholic beverage bar, maybe even a bar for sports drinks.

Make sure you incorporate shelves to hold your stylish mugs or glassware. You also may want an extra sink to help you prepare and clean up after your favorite drinks.


3. High-End Chef Stove RTA Wood Cabinets

Luxury kitchens feature quality tools and appliances, and no appliance is more important for cooking than your stove – so make sure to choose a high-end, chef-grade stove.

These types of stoves often are built with multiple ovens and several range tops that can be used for indoor grilling. While most of these ovens are powered by gas, you may find some that also use electricity or even wood fire.


4. Warming Drawers

No one likes a dinner that’s cold. Unfortunately, it’s often not feasible to prepare all your dishes so that everything is done at the same time. Now, your kitchen can take advantage of the strategy used by your favorite high-end restaurants with a dedicated warming station in the form of a warming drawer.

Warming drawers allow you to set a thermostat so your food can stay the perfect temperature until you’re ready to serve. These drawers also enable you to slow-cook a meal or proof dough before baking.


5. Pot Fillers

It can be cumbersome (if not downright impossible!) to have to lug a big heavy pot filled with water from the sink to the stove. Now you can have the convenience of a pot filler right above your range top!

A pot filler is a wall-mounted faucet that fits directly over the range, so you can set your pot, fill it up with water on the spot, and start boiling. There are a variety of faucet styles to choose from, so be sure to pick one that complements your overall kitchen design.


6. Rich Wood Countertops RTA Wood Cabinets

When you think of high-end countertops, what probably comes to mind are marble or granite stones. However, one of the latest trends for luxury kitchens is to use an exotic wood that displays its wood grain as part of the design.

Popular exotic woods include Zebrawood, African Mahogany, and Caribbean Rosewood (also known as Chechen). These beautiful woods incorporate multiple rich hues to give your kitchen an elevated natural appeal.


7. Under Cabinet Lighting

Sometimes it’s the tiny details that make all the difference. For example, you can transform otherwise ordinary cabinets into a true luxury look by incorporating under cabinet lighting.

This lighting not only serves as practical purpose to help you see more clearly as you prepare your dishes, it also adds a luminous glow and ambiance to the kitchen when it is otherwise dark.

Are you ready to transform your kitchen into a luxury kitchen in 2021? If you need some design inspiration, our kitchen experts here at RTA Wood Cabinets will be happy to offer you a FREE kitchen design so you can plan the layout of your perfect dream kitchen. Learn more by giving us a call at: 1-800-788-7575.