7 Places You’ll Want to Install Kitchen Cabinets - That’s NOT Inside a Kitchen!

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I know, I know – when you hear the words “kitchen cabinets” your mind automatically thinks of the cabinets inside your kitchen, not in any other room in the house (obviously).

However, if you want to make some upgrades to the rest of your home and do so in a way that’s easy, practical, affordable, and beautiful, maybe it’s time to think outside the box that is your kitchen. I mean, maybe you might want to consider using cabinets that are “traditionally” labeled as “kitchen cabinets” in rooms throughout your home.

Think about it: we invest in quality cabinets for our kitchens because we need an attractive, functional way to store all the items we keep there. But the kitchen isn’t the only room in the house that could use some good storage.

With all of the designs, colors, and styles available today for “kitchen cabinets,” there are literally thousands of ways you can create built-in storage units that would add value to just about any room in your home while enhancing your interior design. In fact, a quick internet search will bring up images of all sorts of ingenious and enticing ways homeowners are using “kitchen cabinets” all over the house.

If you’re curious, here are 7 rooms you might be able to dramatically improve just by introducing some “kitchen cabinets”:


1. Family Room 

If your family room is anything like mine, it’s prone to become a giant mess. However, with “kitchen cabinets,” you can create a floor-to-ceiling storage unit that looks like a beautiful piece of furniture but is customized to fit your space and your storage requirements.

It’s a simple way to get rid of all the clutter while also adding to the décor of your favorite family gathering space.


2. Home Office RTA Wood Cabinets

More people than ever are working from home, and the trend will continue for many, at least part-time. But even part-time work can lead to a cluttered home office.

While storage is a necessity for any office environment, you don’t necessarily want your home office to look super corporate, especially if your home office will be used for other purposes during the times you’re not working at home.

For this reason, “kitchen cabinets” can keep your home feeling homey while still providing all the storage you need for optimal work productivity.


3. Laundry Room

Laundry day may not be the most exciting day of the week, but you can definitely make it better by keeping it efficient while creating a calming environment.

With “kitchen cabinets” installed in the laundry, you can easily keep everything tidy while also incorporating colors and textures that evoke a sense of serenity and relaxation.


4. Kids’ Playroom

Are toys taking over your kids’ playroom? Even with a toy box, you still might not have all the storage necessary to stow all the toys away or keep them organized, making it more likely for the room to stay a mess.

With built-in kitchen cabinets chosen specifically for your space and your needs, you can even keep toys organized by different types or by which child owns them.


5. Bathroom RTA Wood Cabinets

“Kitchen cabinets” are built to endure all the heat and moisture that accompany lots of cooking. For this reason, they can also often be put to practical use in a bathroom.

Quality built-in cabinets can make small bathrooms feel larger or effectively divide up a larger bathroom into his-and-her zones. They offer plenty of ways to keep everything organized and clutter-free while adding an aesthetic touch. They could make your home bathroom feel less like the spot for a necessary routine and more like a luxurious spa!


6. Dining Room

Dining rooms often feature large storage units that display fancy plates and provide storage for utensils, placemats, and all the other items you need to entertain guests.

Rather than deal with another bulky piece of furniture, you can get all the same benefits and undoubtedly even more storage with built-in “kitchen cabinets.”


7. Garage

Your garage is probably home to all sorts of tools and supplies, including a variety of outdoor-use items as well as the overflow of belongings you might not have been able to store elsewhere inside the house.

“Kitchen cabinets” make a perfect addition to the walls of your garage so you can optimize your storage capacity and keep the space neat and efficient.

Want to explore non-traditional uses for “kitchen cabinets” in your house? Just call 800-788-7575 and speak to one of our RTA Wood Cabinets Designers for some free expert design insights specifically for your home.