7 Principles for a Beautiful Feng Shui Kitchen


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Do you want a kitchen that is simultaneous calming and brimming with positive energy? If so, you might want to explore how the ancient Chinese tradition of Feng Shui can be used in your modern home to improve your daily routine.

According to the Feng Shui system, the kitchen is one element of the “Trinity” that includes the bedroom and bathroom that is essential to nourish and sustain life. By incorporating some Feng Shui guidelines into your kitchen, you can optimize your sense of vitality.

Here are 7 design principles that can help you transform your kitchen to bring in all the good Feng Shui energy:


1. Location, Location, Location

In Feng Shui, the kitchen, and particularly the stove, is a symbol of the element of fire as it pertains to your home. For this reason, a kitchen located in the middle of a house would be considered a representation of fire attacking the heart of a home. It also probably wouldn’t be too practical in terms of a fire hazard.

Ideally, Feng Shui recommends that a kitchen be placed in the back of a home in the south or southwest corner for the greatest positive chi energy flow. You can consult the Bagua energy map for even more details on traditional Feng Shui layout recommendations.


2. Tidy Up First

Of course, it may not be possible for most people to move the placement of their kitchen for the sake of Feng Shui. However, it is possible and desirable for everyone to follow the first, basic rule of Feng Shui living for the kitchen: keep the kitchen clean and tidy.

Feng Shui stresses the importance of decluttering and cleanliness to keep good energy flowing. You can start today by clearing off your countertops, taking advantage of all your kitchen storage opportunities, getting rid of anything broken, and doing a deep clean of your basic appliances.

3. Elemental Colors

Feng Shui focuses on a good balance between the elements. This leads to guidelines for which colors are best for kitchens.

Because the kitchen is a symbol of fire, it is recommended to avoid shades of red and orange, as this brings too much fire energy to the room. Conversely, you also want to avoid blues, as this color symbolizes water which is considered the opposing, clashing element.

Instead, Feng Shui recommends earth tones, such as yellows, browns, and beiges, which are also associated with good relationships and good health, two values often of supreme importance in kitchens.


4. Mirror Mirror on the Wall 

In many homes, the space below the oven range is dark. By placing a mirror there, you can help open up the space and invite more positive energy into the room.

A mirror by the stove also serves another Feng Shui function, which is to emphasize the “control” of the chef. Since the chef is considered the authority of the kitchen, a mirror by the stove allows the chef to see and to be seen across the entire area of the kitchen.


5. Let There Be Light RTA Wood Cabinets

Feng Shui advises against fluorescent lighting as it is unnaturally and often unpleasantly bright and can flicker at random, causing strain and perhaps even headaches and high blood pressure.

Instead, for a Feng Shui kitchen, you want to incorporate as much natural light as you can during the daylight hours and mimic the sunshine as much as possible when extra light is needed. Layered lighting featuring overhead lights, task lights, and accent lights can help ensure you get just the right amount of light and energy at all times.


6. Harmony with Nature

Feng Shui appreciates symmetry and harmony with nature, so be sure to bring nature indoors into your Feng Shui kitchen.

One easy way to do this is to keep fresh cuts flowers or bowls of fruit displayed on your tables and countertops. You might also want to hang nature-inspired art work on your walls. You may even try growing an herb garden in your kitchen to keep that constant connection with nature.


7. Ceiling High Cabinets

Is there empty space between your top kitchen cabinets and the ceiling? If so, you might want to try different cabinets, ones that reach all the way to the top.

Feng Shui encourages you fill the high spaces because dust – and thus negative energy – can otherwise collect. If it’s not an option right now to fill that open space with cabinetry, you might want to at least place plants or other kitchen accessories up high to promote positive energy flow.

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