7 Stay-at-Home Kitchen Decorating Ideas for a Festive 2020 Holiday Season


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The 2020 holiday season may not include many trips over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house, but you can still celebrate with your family at home. In fact, this may be the perfect year to start some new traditions that bring everyone in the house together to decorate and create a festive atmosphere.

The kitchen is one room in the home where family often comes together, so now is the time to add some extra sparkle, comfort, and cheer to make it special for the holidays.

Here are 7 fun and festive holiday decorating projects the whole family can do together to get your kitchen looking merry and bright:


1. Warm and Cozy Windows RTA Wood Cabinet

It may be chilly outside, but you can make sure your kitchen stays warm and cozy by paying attention to your windows.

You may not have noticed a draft in the summertime, but now you’ll want to make sure your windows are insulated. You can prevent extra heat loss by swapping out your regular curtains for thicker ones – you might even choose to hang curtains with a special holiday print or color pattern.


2. Seasonal Scents

Certain scents evoke holiday memories, like gingerbread, nutmeg, cinnamon, or cranberries. Tis the season to bake holiday cookies that will fill the kitchen with those delicious scents. Or, maybe you’ll want to light special holiday scented candles.

One project you can do with the family is to make your own homemade potpourri. It’s easy to create your own signature blend in a pot of water over the stove. Just mix in your favorite warm spices with orange slices to create your own fragrance.


3. A Hot Beverage Station

When it’s cold outside, everyone wants to warm up with their very own hot beverage. Everyone’s tastes and preference may differ, so you can get your hot beverage station ready to go to accommodate everybody’s favorites.

All you need is a designated spot on your kitchen countertop where you can put out a festive holiday tray. On the tray, you’ll need containers to hold hot cocoa, holiday herbal tea, and coffee as well as festive mugs, spoons, and special toppings like marshmallows. You can have an electric tea pot ready with hot water so that everyone can make their hot drink of choice.  


4. Extra Pillows and Blankets RTA Wood Cabinets

To make your kitchen extra cozy during the holiday season, add some extra cushioning and blankets so that everyone can bundle up more.

You might want to search online for holiday-themed pillows, bench cushions, and small throw quilts to add extra warmth to your kitchen furniture. Or, maybe get the whole family involved in a textile crafts project you can bring out for future holidays.


5. Snow Cones

One extra special treat during the winter season is snow cones. Best of all, you don’t have to live some place where there’s snow in order to make your own snow cones out of crushed ice.

Just mix the crushed ice with some sweetened condensed milk, vanilla favoring, and any other holidays flavors you enjoy to create your own cool frosty dessert.


6. Holiday Apps

If you don’t want to spend the holiday season feeling like an overstuffed turkey, it’s best to be prepared with small appetizer bites you can nibble on indulgently throughout the season. 

Get in the holiday spirit by bringing out trays with festive holiday designs. Then, fill those trays with small bites like fancy cheeses, dried fruits, and nuts that will keep everyone feeling satisfied without putting on too many extra pounds.


7. Bright Nights RTA Wood Cabinets

As the days get shorter you can keep your kitchen bright by adding some extra holiday lights. 

Don’t just string up lights on a tree! You can add strands of lights across your kitchen walls and cabinets to add a festive flair that brightens even the darkest nights.

Does your family have any favorite holiday traditions that involve gathering in the kitchen? If your grown-up wish list for Santa includes upgrades to your kitchen just in time for the holidays, our team here at RTA Wood Cabinets can help – even though we’re not a bunch of elves! We can, though, give you a gift of a free consultation call with one of our kitchen designers. Schedule yours today by calling: 1-800-788-7575.