7 Ways to Update Your Kitchen in 2022

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Now that we’re two years into the COVID pandemic, many people are finding they’re craving to update their kitchens. With the lockdowns, many people have found they’ve used their kitchens more than ever before. Also, as many families are still doing work and/or school from home (at least part-time, if not full-time), the kitchen often serves a new function in their daily routines.

If you’re interested in updating your kitchen in 2022, here are 7 tips that are not only trendy but practical for the world we’re living in:


1. Color

Incorporating color into the kitchen will be one of the most popular trends for 2022. While all-white kitchens have long been considered “classic”, kitchen are now featuring a variety of kitchen cabinet colors.

Some designers are highlighting bold, bright colors, especially as an accent or for a focal feature in the kitchen. Another popular trend is to paint kitchens in calming nature-inspired colors, like soft blues or greens. According to Sherwin Williams, the color of the year for 2022 is a versatile gray-green neutral color, known as Evergreen Fog.


2. Cost-Effective

With the recent supply chain issues and increase in costs for many home goods, homeowners are becoming more resourceful in making design decisions so that a kitchen upgrade can be more cost-effective.

For example, featuring a gallery of your favorite family photographs instead or an art piece can be not only cheaper but more meaningful for your kitchen design. Or try buying second-hand gently-used items instead of brand-new.

Kitchen Cabinet Updates

3. Patterns 

Patterned designs in the kitchen are growing in popularity and will be a significant design trend for 2022.

You might use patterns for your countertop or your backsplash. Another rising trend is patterns in flooring, especially hardwood floors. While combining patterns and textures can add a sense of depth, just be careful not to have to many patterns that might clash.


4. Clutter-Free 

One of the most significant updates you can make to your kitchen is to clear up any clutter. While this update may not be as much “fun” as other upgrades, it can make a big difference not only for the look but the efficiency of your kitchen.

To get started, begin by going through your belongings and recycling, donating, or trashing anything you never use. For items that you don’t use frequently, you might want to move them to long-term storage in another space in your home.  If necessary, you might want to install a new chest of closed drawers or cabinet in order to store items out of sight.


5. Multi-Functionality

If your kitchen is part of an open space concept, you might want to incorporate design elements that serve multiple functions.

For example, you could buy an antique dresser that matches your living room décor but also use it to store your kitchen belongings. Furniture-style pieces in the kitchen are one of the rising interior design trends for 2022.

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6. Lighting 

New lighting can be a simple change that can create a dramatic effect for the overall look of your kitchen.

Pendant lights with a dimmer switch or LED bulbs that shine in different colors can be used to create different moods and change the feel of your kitchen at different times. Or, you might want to install new under cabinet lighting to change the atmosphere.  


7. Storage

Does your kitchen have enough storage to meet all the demands you now have in the kitchen?  If you’ve acquired new appliances, pots, pans, or other kitchen items during the pandemic, you might need to upgrade your storage capacity.

While some homeowners invest in a new set of cabinets that will improve the layout and effectiveness of their storage, all you might need are one or two new pieces of cabinetry that can serve as accents in your design and meet all your new storage needs. 

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