A Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your Kitchen

Spring cleaning is an integral part of homemaking. It might not be the most fun activity of the season – but it’s essential to maintaining both the value of your home and the healthiness of your lifestyle.

A well-kept kitchen promotes a relaxed mood. Plus, once your kitchen has been given a deep cleaning for the year, it reflects well on your entire household such that your guests will surely notice with delight!

Some homeowners think they'll save time and effort by just doing “general cleaning” around the kitchen. What they probably don't realize is that they might end up missing one or some of the areas of the kitchen that need a thorough cleaning. A kitchen checklist can help you focus on those neglected areas and make them come to life again. 

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Cleaning your kitchen well means cleaning it efficiently. Although there is a lot to do, you don’t want to waste your time wondering what to do next or repeating tasks. Professional house cleaners always use a checklist, and in order to make sure you will do a comparable job yourself, you should use a checklist too. 

To begin, create a printable spring cleaning checklist to identify all the cleaning tasks for the entire kitchen. Make copies of this checklist so everyone in your household can get involved and know exactly what to do. This checklist will prove useful as a guide to effectively and efficiently complete each cleaning task during spring cleaning.


Here is the checklist we recommend for spring cleaning your kitchen:

  1. Gather Your Supplies (including cleansers, trash bags, gloves, rags polish, a mop, and a broom)
  2. Clear Your Clutter by Throwing Away Trash and Any Unused Items
  3. Dust the Whole Kitchen from the Top to the Bottom
  4. Clean Any Glass Surfaces with a Glass Cleaner
  5. Use an All-Purpose Cleaner for Cabinets and Drawers
  6. Wash Down Your Countertops
  7. Scrub Your Microwave
  8. Clean and Polish Your Appliances
  9. Wipe off Grease from Your Stovetop
  10. Spray the Oven with an Oven Cleaner
  11. Hand Wash Your Kitchen Curtains (or Take Them to the Dry Cleaner)
  12. Polish Any Wooden Furniture
  13. Sweep the Floor
  14. Mop the Floor
  15. Empty and Clean the Trash Can

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As you can see, spring cleaning may be a big undertaking, but there is no excuse for taking it lightly. A clean kitchen is an extension of your home, and you should treat it as such. Luckily, with a plan in place, you can make sure to tackle each area of the kitchen without worrying that you’ve missed something important. This way, you can enjoy the process of cleaning, instead of dreading it.

However, if your kitchen requires more than just a deep cleaning to look new and shiny, maybe now is the time to invest in some upgrades for your kitchen! If you’re curious about updating your kitchen, our team of experts here at RTA Wood Cabinets offer a FREE kitchen design. You can find out more by giving us a call at: 1-800-788-7575.

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