Are White Kitchens Going Out of Style in 2022?

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The short answer to this question we’ve been hearing a lot recently is: “Absolutely not! White kitchens are here to stay…in 2022 and beyond.”


The simple truth is, the best white kitchens never go out of style. They provide a clean, fresh, versatile background onto which you can infuse a variety of décor preferences. While two-tone cabinets and an influx of soft green and blue tones will be popular this year, you also can’t go wrong with a white kitchen.


In fact, here are several ways you can achieve a beautifully stylish white kitchen in 2022:

1. Consider a Contemporary Approach

A crisp white look lends itself well to a contemporary design approach.

Try using similar shades of white for both your cabinets and countertops. This will create a seamless look that pairs well with modern, sleek hardware for your cabinetry. Bright metallic trimmings pair especially well with a matte white finish.


2. Lean In to a Classic Design

If you love a classic kitchen design, white is, of course, an obvious choice.

Make the most of a classic white kitchen design by paying attention to craftsmanship. Well-constructed Shaker-style cabinets look gorgeous in a classic white kitchen. You can also include elegant details, like a brushed metallic finish for your light fixtures or prominent veining in marble countertops. 


3. Contrast With a Touch of Black RTA Wood Cabinets

If white is the dominant shade in your kitchen, you can create a striking aesthetic effect by incorporating touches of black for contrast.

For example, you might want a classic black-and-white tile pattern for your floor or backsplash. Or maybe you’ll feature thin, yet dramatic black light fixtures hanging over your white kitchen island.

If you love a fresh modern farmhouse style, try adding a large black chalkboard in your soft white kitchen.


4. Get Creative with Light 

White reflects light. If you opt for an all-white kitchen, it can serve as a blank canvas for you to get creative with various lighting effects.

In a small kitchen, an all-white design with an abundance of natural light will feel airier and more spacious. In a larger kitchen, you may want to change the mood in different sections by utilizing different light effects, for example a pendant light fixture with a soft light bulb over your table. 

You might even enjoy under cabinet LED bulbs that can change color on demand, giving you a different palette to enjoy in your kitchen every night. 


5. Glam It Up 

RTA Wood Cabinets

A white kitchen doesn’t have to feel like plain vanilla. Gold is a beautiful addition to a white kitchen that adds pizazz and glamour.

Seek out gold accessories, from your light fixtures to decorative elements in your kitchen furniture. You might even have strands of gold shimmer in your countertops. Try incorporating subtle gray flooring or cabinets in your white kitchen to create the perfect background that will allow your golden design features to shine.


6. Play with Patterns and Textures

If an all-white kitchen seems like it will be too monotone, don’t forget you can always use patterns and textures to add dimension, depth, and visual interest to your white kitchen.

For example, you might want to layer fabrics of various materials one over the other in a cozy seating nook. Or, feature an exotic white marble as the focal point of your design. Even contrasting matte white cabinets against a high-shine white backsplash can bring an all-white design to life.

Are you ready to explore options for white kitchen cabinets this year? Our expert team here at RTA Wood Cabinets can show the variety of white kitchen cabinet styles we offer as well as offer you a FREE personalized kitchen design to help you make the best choice for your home. Learn more and get yours by giving us a call today at: 877-247-6918.