Create a Refreshing Beach Themed Kitchen

RTA Wood Cabinets

Not every day may be a beach day, but you can bring that seaside feeling to your everyday life with beach themed kitchen decorating ideas.

A coastal kitchen can brighten up all styles of homes, whether you live by the shore or not. That unmistakable beachy feel will evoke blue-green waters and sandy shores with touches from a nautical influence. This style can be both functional and full of personality and is perfect for anyone who wants a kitchen that feels calm, bright, and refreshing.

Ready for some design inspiration? Here are 5 tips to help you create a delightful beach themed kitchen:


1. Let in the Light

The best beach days are filled with sunshine, so make sure to bring that glorious, radiant light into your kitchen.

Ideally, your beach themed kitchen should let in plenty of natural light. So, forego any curtains or use only thin blinds or mesh window coverings if you still need to maintain your privacy. This way you’ll maximize the sun’s full effect.

Inside your kitchen, try using glass shades for your lighting fixtures and natural white light bulbs in order to enhance that sunshine feel.


2. Sights Reminiscent of the Beach

Sometimes it is the small elements of décor that make the biggest splash.

This can be especially true when you’re decorating your kitchen to capture that seaside vibe. Fish, seashells, mermaids, anchors, and boats are often part of an ocean-inspired design – just be sure you don’t go overboard! Oftentimes a subtle design element works best.

For example, you might try adding pieces of driftwood or a piece of abstract art inspired by seaweed in order to maintain an elevated feel that is still reminiscent of a day at the beach.


3. The Floor Beneath Your Feet RTA Wood Cabinets

Imagine you’re walking along a ship’s promenade or an oceanside boardwalk. How would the floor feel beneath your feet?

This is the feeling you should try to replicate in your beach themed kitchen. For example, try wood plank flooring with a natural wood grain to add texture and that coastal sensation to your kitchen. You can coat the floor in a varnish to make it easy to clean.

Or, you might be inspired by a Mediterranean design theme with tiles such as terracotta that will bring back memories of days by the sea.


4. The Scent of the Ocean

That tinge of salt that tickles your nose is one of the most memorable experiences from time spent at the beach.

Try lighting a beach themed candle in your kitchen so that those seaside scents can fill the room. Many beach inspired candles will also come in colors that you could use to create a color palette for your beach themed kitchen.


5. Coastal Cabinets & Countertops

As you evaluate your kitchen layout, make sure to incorporate elements that will be consistent with your new beach themed kitchen.

Cabinets and countertops often make up the most significant visual element in your kitchen as they are essential to the room’s function and take up so much of the visual space in your overall kitchen design.

Be sure to choose cabinets in light or nautical colors such as whites, blues, and grays in order to achieve that beach inspired feel. For your countertops, use light-colored natural materials such as wood or light granite or quartz that is reminiscent of the shore and the docks. Plus, rustic metallic details can add to a nautical vibe.

Are you ready to make your kitchen look and feel like an extension of your beach inspired life? If your kitchen needs a new layout in order to capture the airy spaciousness of the beach, then let our design team here at RTA Wood Cabinets help you create your dream kitchen.

We even offer a FREE design from one of our kitchen experts to help you optimize your storage potential with cabinets that will fit in perfectly with your particular beach theme. You can learn more by calling us at: 1-800-788-7575.