How Do I Get a Chic Country Kitchen Look?

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One of the more popular interior design trends today is a kitchen remodel that incorporates a touch of downhome country charm into the overall style. Country kitchen are designed to feel comfortable, warm, and inviting. It’s a place where the family gathers together to laugh and to share. With the right design elements, this can be your everyday life!

If you’re wondering how to get a country kitchen look, try these 5 tips:


1. Washed in White

Whitewash is often a signature element of country kitchens. Whether you distress old barnyard wood or opt for a gleaming white fresh coat of paint on your walls, you definitely want to use white as the dominant background color for your chic country kitchen.

And just because you’re choosing white doesn’t mean your kitchen has to look like plain vanilla. For example, you could use white subways tiles for your backsplash or an antique white teapot set on your countertop to add visual interest while still keeping with the overall white theme.


2. Design Patterns RTA Wood Cabinets

One of the advantages of using white for your dominant background color is that you can then feel free to incorporate interesting design patterns to accent your kitchen. Most chic country kitchens feature patterns in a plethora of ways.

For example, you might have patterned fabrics such as rugs, placemats, curtains, or seat cushions that will make your kitchen feel cozy. This is an opportunity to play with color and texture.

Plaids and floral designs are often seen in country kitchens, but you might want to use just stripes or a checkerboard pattern for a variation. Alternatively, you might look for design prints that feature animals, farms, barn items, or other outdoor accoutrements that evoke country living.


3. Antique Metallic Touches

Antique metals are often a signature texture found in country kitchens. Maybe a relative has something hidden in an attic or basement you could use, or maybe it’s time for you to visit a local antique shop – wherever you can find some, even just a few pieces of antique metal can help give your kitchen that desired country look.

For example, you might find an antique metal pitcher, serving tray, or even candlesticks. If you can’t find an actual antique, you might be also be able to find new metal that is burnished to look old. For example, a brand-new farmhouse sink will often evoke the look of antique metallic fixtures.


4. Reclaimed Wood RTA Wood Cabinets

There are a number of ways you can use reclaimed wood in your kitchen, all of which will add a warm, rustic touch to your design.

One striking way to feature reclaimed wood is as decorative beams on your ceiling. Even just a few old wooden beams will transform the look of your kitchen giving it that true chic country style. You can also use reclaimed wood to create shelving on a wall, a practical way to add storage while also enhancing the country vibe.

Best of all, reclaimed wood has a lower environmental impact as you’re essentially recycling instead of buying new. Plus, reclaimed wood is often a fraction of the cost – you might even be able to get pieces for free if you find someone clearing out old wood as part of their own renovation project.


5. Cabinets with Glass Doors

In order to make your chic country kitchen feel even more bright and expansive, try swapping out some of your current cabinet doors with glass doors.

When you have glass doors for your cabinets, you want to be thoughtful about what you display behind them. This is an opportunity to feature plates, glasses, or other kitchen accessories that will enhance you overall country theme.

Want some more advice on how to remodel and layout your particular kitchen in order to optimize that country feel? Our team of experts here at RTA Wood Cabinets will be happy to offer you a FREE kitchen design. Just give us a call at 1-800-788-7575 to find out more!

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