How Do You Make a Scandinavian Kitchen?

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With cold weather days on the horizon, you might already be dreaming of the comfort and warmth of a Scandinavian inspired kitchen.

The Scandinavian style is a minimalist aesthetic featuring clean lines, soothing colors, and sensual textures. It results in a look that is bright and simple yet simultaneously warm and inviting – perfect for Winter!

Here are 7 design ideas that can help you transform your kitchen for real Scandi appeal:  


1. Start with a White Color Base

Traditionally, most Scandinavian interior design begins with fresh white walls to serve as the foundation for your design.

White creates a sense of expansion, purity, and calm. It will also make a small kitchen feel larger. A cool crisp white also serves as the ideal contrast for the warm, rich textures you will introduce in other element of your Scandinavian design.


2. Use Pendant Lights for a Warm Ambiance

One way you’ll start to create a warm atmosphere with your Scandi design is through the strategic placement of pendant lights.

Traditionally, Scandinavian design creates pools of light with pendant lighting that hangs low, even down to eye level. Metallic copper accents are often a part of Scandinavian style, which could be perfect for your light fixtures. You can complete the design by featuring touches of color in traditional Scandinavian shades like muted green or blue.


3. Feature Glass Jars and Cannisters 

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Scandi style is simple and practical. It often features items and goods used everyday as part of the design.

For example, you can showcase glass jars and cannisters filled with spices and dried goods like flours, nuts, sugar, rice, and pasta as part of your Scandinavian kitchen. 


4. Evoke Warmth and Authenticity with Wood

Another important way to add warmth you your Scandinavian design is through the use of wood. Oak surfaces are a traditional, authentic Scandi choice.

Try open shelves made out of wood for a cozy and rustic Scandinavian feel. You can also use wood for your flooring, tables, or cabinetry. Just be sure to avoid varnished or obviously stained wood, as a raw, natural wood is typically the Scandinavian look. 


5. Showcase Pastel Accent Colors

In addition to bright white, the Scandinavian color palette also includes soft pastels and diluted colors.

Seek out accents in pale pinks, greens, and blues for some subtle shading. As noted above, Scandinavian design will often feature displays of everyday items like tea cups or coffee mugs, and this could be your perfect opportunity to introduce a slight whisper of color to your overall design.


6. Add a Touch of Greenery 

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A Scandinavian kitchen is often very functional in its appeal. However, you can add life and vibrancy to the space with some greenery.

Fresh cut flowers or pots of growing herbs are traditional decorations in a Scandinavian kitchen.


7. Utilize Tall Cabinets to Manage Clutter

Scandinavian style is minimalist and clutter-free. So where do all your kitchen items go in a kitchen with a Scandinavian design?

The traditional solution to this problem is to install tall, closed cabinets. These Scandi inspired closets are so tall they may even reach from floor-to-ceiling. With plenty of shelves inside, the tall cabinets make it easy to store and organize your kitchen items behind a closed door. 

Some tall Scandinavian cabinets even feature hidden worktops that you can use for your kitchen prep tasks.

Do you need new cabinets to help you hide clutter and achieve a minimalist Scandinavian look?  

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