How to Integrate New Kitchen Cabinets into Your Existing Kitchen Design


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Upgrading your kitchen can be a serious investment requiring money, time, effort, thought, and often a toll on your emotions and nerves. However, just because your kitchen could use some improvements does not mean you have to go all-in for a full kitchen remodel. Sometimes, just a few tweaks or small changes are all that’s needed to make a substantial difference.

For example, maybe all you need to do is add some new wood cabinets to your existing kitchen.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to significantly improve your kitchen organization, adding cabinetry to your current kitchen layout could be the key to transforming your space. It could even jumpstart an elevation of sophistication and style without the requiring all the hassles of a full remodel.

If you’re considering integrating new cabinets into your current kitchen, here are three considerations to keep in mind:


1. Good Reasons to Add More Cabinets to Your Existing Kitchen

There are many good reasons why you may want more storage potential in your kitchen. However, it’s important to get clarity on your specific needs and desires before you go and buy more cabinets.

Sometimes, homeowners hanker about the need for more cabinets without clearly identifying just what they need and why. If you feel frustrated by a cramped kitchen, you may assume the problem could be solved simply with more cabinets – but more isn’t always better.

Often, the key to an organized kitchen is a smart layout and organizational strategy, one that takes into consideration all the specific items you have to store and then creates a designated home for each item in a way the maximizes the space available. You can’t even know how much storage you need until after you get rid of unused kitchen tools, accessories, and food and take inventory of just what you need to stow away.

Once you take inventory and determine your actual storage needs, you’ll be in a position to figure out how to add cabinets, open shelves, or maybe even a pantry or new island to make your kitchen more functional.


2. Determining the Proper Area for New Cabinets RTA Wood Cabinets

Once you know exactly what kind of extra storage you need, the next question is where to put your new cabinets. Because you’re adding new cabinets to an existing design, the easiest two options are either to create a separate section for the new cabinets or to opt for a stand-alone storage unit.

There are many ways to cordon off a special section just for new cabinets. For example, maybe you have an unused wall where cabinets could be added, or maybe you want to transform one corner of your kitchen with a new look. This is the perfect opportunity to add a pop of color and create a contrasting accent that complements your existing design without matching it.

The other possibility is to add a stand-alone unit, such as a new kitchen island or set of drawers. If this is your choice, you might have to pay attention to elements such as the countertop or drawer handles to make sure you choose materials and an overall design that will complement your current look even though it won’t be an exact match to your current kitchen.


3. When to Just Get a Full Kitchen Remodel RTA Wood Cabinets

While you may be able to successfully upgrade your kitchen with just a few additions as outlined above, sometimes in the long run it’s better to choose a full remodel. Some common circumstances that warrant a full cabinet overhaul include:

  • A New Kitchen Layout – if you want to revamp your entire kitchen layout, for example by implementing an open-concept design, you might as well start from scratch so that you have a cohesive storage plan.

  • Damaged Kitchen Cabinets – if your kitchen has seen years of wear and tear, it might be more cost-effective in the long-term to start fresh, before the cost of continuous repairs exceeds the price of new cabinetry.

  • Poor-Quality Existing Cabinets – if you’re frustrated with low-quality cabinets, now may be the time to invest in better quality replacements that will last.

Are you trying to decide between simply adding new cabinets and investing in a full kitchen remodel? Whichever your choice, if you’d appreciate talking with an expert, you can get a FREE consultation with one of our RTA Wood Cabinets Kitchen Designers. Schedule yours today by calling: 1-800-788-7575.

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