In What Order Should I Remodel My Kitchen?

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One question we frequently get here at RTA Wood Cabinets is: “In what order do you remodel a kitchen?”

It’s an understandable concern, as remodeling a kitchen can be not only a costly but a timely process. Because of this, many homeowners choose to do only a little at a time. Still, if you ultimately want to optimize the process, there is an order that makes the most sense.

Here is what we recommend for the order in which you should remodel your kitchen:


1. Clear Out the Old

Before you begin adding all the wonderful new elements that will transform your kitchen, first you want to clear away everything that no longer serves you.

Typically, the first stage in any major kitchen remodel is demolition. This includes tearing out floors, walls, cabinets, fixtures – anything broken, worn down, or outdated that you will want to replace.

Though you might feel you would enjoy handling this process yourself (and hey who wouldn’t want to blow off some steam with a legitimate swing a sledge hammer!), it is generally recommended to hire a licensed contractor. This is especially true if you need to preserve existing pipes and plumbing.


2. Behind the Walls

The next stage of a major kitchen remodel involves fixing anything that needs to be done inside the walls.

For example, you might need to adjust your plumbing for a new sink. This stage also includes creating or framing any new wall structures, which might be necessary, for example, if you plan to install a new kitchen island.

This step can be time consuming and technical, and it’s recommended again to bring in professional contractors.


3. Walls, Doors, and Windows

Now that you’ve created a solid foundation for your kitchen remodel, it’s time to start the more visible projects.

First, you’ll want to make sure to finish the walls. This includes applying a coat of primer to drywall, even though painting the walls will come at a later stage. The primer will help protect you new walls as you install major appliances.

Next, it’s time to install any new doors or windows. Even if you’ll be keeping any old doors or windows, it’s a good idea to check and update your insulation to keep your home more comfortable and your energy costs down. You’ll also want to make sure you install any trim, as this is necessary before you put in place new cabinets in order to prevent any gaps.


4. Cabinets 

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Now it’s time to install your new cabinets!

This is also the stage in the renovation process where you would bring in any new countertops, sinks, faucets, etc. For many homeowners, this is when the real payoff begins, as you can finally see your vision of a new kitchen coming to life.


5. Appliances

Are you finally ready for your new appliances?

In this stage, you’ll now bring in any major appliances such as a stove, refrigerator, built-in microwave, etc. With this stage complete, all the important functional elements of your remodeled kitchen should now finally be in place.


6. Floors

This step is sometimes controversial among renovation professionals. Some prefer to do any wood or tile flooring before the cabinetry, while others prefer to wait until all the other major pieces of the kitchen are installed. Some professionals change this order on a project-by-project basis.

If you have any questions, you can always consult with a kitchen renovation expert on recommendations for your particular kitchen.


7. Paint, Decorate, and Enjoy!

Finally, all the major elements of your new kitchen should be in place, and you can turn your attention to the last finishing touches.

Though you may have been dreaming of new kitchen colors from the beginning, now is the time to finally paint the walls and bring in any special decorations. With your kitchen renovation complete, it’s the perfect time to celebrate with a special meal with your loved ones.

Are you ready to get your kitchen remodel started? If you’re interested, our experts here at RTA Wood cabinets offer a FREE kitchen design. To begin the kitchen remodel process, your very first step is to give us a call at: 1-800-788-7575.

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