Kitchen Construction During a Pandemic? How You Can Keep Safe while Working Effectively with Kitchen Contractors

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The spread of the COVID-19 pandemic throughout the U.S. meant that many home renovation projects came to an abrupt stop. For many understandable financial and safety reasons, lots of homeowners have made the decision to postpone renovations.

However, the need to stay at home has simultaneously made it clear to many homeowners that renovations are in fact needed. For some, it is a sudden shift to working from home or eating more at home that drives the need for renovations and upgrades.

Can you realistically – and safely – plan and carry out a kitchen renovation during this COVID-19 pandemic?

The truth is, like many things in life, especially these days – there is no one right answer. So many relevant factors are in seeming constant flux. Depending on where you live, there may even be government injunctions or protocols specifying what kinds of construction activities can and cannot be performed. And these may change tomorrow or next week or next month.

If you’re considering moving forward with your kitchen renovation plans during this novel coronavirus outbreak, here are some useful resources, tips, and suggestions to keep mind that could help you navigate through these difficult circumstances.

CISC Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Plan for Construction

The Construction Industry Safety Coalition (CISC) has developed a detailed 20-page “Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Plan for Construction that outlines a set of steps for construction professionals to reduce the risks of COVID-19. This document has already gone through several revisions since March to reflect changing circumstances.

This document provides guidance to the construction industry on specific safety measures, several that are pertinent to on-site renovation projects. Homeowners may wish to familiarize themselves with the guidelines as part of their own preparation for moving ahead with a renovation.

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Prepare to be Flexible

While as a homeowner, you may be going back and forth weighing the risks of moving forward with a renovation project, you should be aware that contractors are facing their own version of the same dilemma.

Many contractors are looking for and need work while simultaneously weighing the risks of moving forward with the various phases of different possible projects. Working at an unoccupied construction site may pose its own set of risks, but the added complexities of working in someone’s home that people are currently occupying increases the challenges.

Given the circumstances, it’s important for homeowners to be prepared to be flexible. Don’t be surprised if your contractor suddenly chooses to delay or requires different safety standards in order to keep proceeding on the work of your renovation.

What to Expect During A Kitchen Renovation in Times of Pandemic  

It’s important to stress that every kitchen renovation project will be unique and require its own specialized safety precautions, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic. But here are some things you shouldn’t be too surprised to see these days:

  • Everyone wearing masks and/or other protective gear while workers are in the home – both the professional crew and all family members.

  • All payments and contracts processed digitally, to avoid passing physical documents back and forth.

  • The need for continuous cleaning and disinfection of the kitchen area worksite.

  • Talking on the phone with a contractor who’s just in the next room, in order to continuously maintain six feet of social distancing space.

  • Isolating rooms with plastic tarps to minimize contact.

If you have any questions or concerns pertaining to your unique situation, you can give our RTA Wood Cabinets team a call at 800-788-7575 to begin exploring how you might still in these strange, shifting times go ahead and make improvements to your kitchen.

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