Save Money on a Kitchen Remodel with RTA Cabinetry

Are your cabinets falling apart or are you tired of the look of your kitchen and ready for a remodel? Do you have a strict budget that seems to limit your options when looking for that beautiful kitchen? There is a unique way that can save you money and help you create your dream kitchen with beautiful quality cabinets.

Ready to assemble cabinets or better known as RTA are the economical choice for purchasing quality cabinets and saving money for the surrounding decor and appliances. At IRTA Wood Cabinets, we help you save money with the RTA cabinetry that is perfect for your kitchen space.

With RTA cabinets you have a lot of color and door style options to choose from. Our cabinets are durable and will last a long time, so you have to make sure to choose wisely.

The Style and Wood Type

We have the finest selection of birch and maple wood quality kitchen cabinets in our inventory. Two of the most popular and timeless styles are shaker cabinets and raised panel cabinets.

Raised panels present a 3D look with its raised center profile and rectangular framing. Shaker cabinets are recessed in the middle with a surrounding rectangular frame for a practical and clean look.

Understanding the Simplicity of Assembling Your Cabinets

With RTA, you’ll receive a set of very simple to follow instructions and you can watch our cabinet assembly videos. When you take the measurements of your kitchen space, we’ll deliver them to exact specifications and all you’ll have to do is put them together. We’ll ship them in straight slabs so you’ll save on shipping costs, plus you’ll be doing the labor to save on installation costs, as well.

From the tall cabinets to the doors and hinges, you can have your cabinets assembled in no time, helping you enjoy the comforts of your new kitchen space. The cabinet doors and drawers are custom fit for your kitchen, ensuring the optimal presence upon installation.

The functionality of your kitchen is just as important as the look, so make sure your cabinets have the right amount of storage and accessories that transform your kitchen and keep it clean. When you’re ready to take the step of enhancing your kitchen on a budget, browse our selection of RTA Wood Cabinets and let us provide your new dream kitchen.

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