Stylish Blue Kitchen Cabinets for 2021

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As 2021 officially gets started, one of the hottest interior design trends continues to be blue kitchen cabinets. Perhaps more so than ever before, we’re seeing a variety of stylish ways to feature blue shades in kitchen design. 

For example, you can now find a variety of kitchen islands with cabinetry in a wide range of blue tones, from deep navy to cerulean sky blue. If you enjoy eye-catching dramatic contrasts, you can pair just a few blue kitchen cabinets with a set of white, cream, or even gray cabinets.

Whatever the size or style of your kitchen, you can easily incorporate gorgeous blue kitchen cabinets into your design.

Here are just a few ways you can get 2021 off to a fresh and colorful start with blue cabinets for your kitchen:


1. Blue Kitchen Cabinets for Small and Large Kitchens

Perhaps you’ve seen the stunning photos of kitchens featuring blue cabinets splashed across sites like Pinterest or Houzz, but you’ve worried the design wouldn’t work in your size kitchen. Luckily, there are now stylish ways to incorporate blue tones into kitchens of any size.

In a small kitchen, you probably want to opt for very light blue shades as this will make the room appear more open and spacious. However, if you prefer darker blue tones, this is also a viable option – you’ll just want to use the color sparingly as an accent color among otherwise white or very light cabinets.

Blue cabinets also work well in large kitchens, especially in an open floor layout. In fact, many designers today are considering blue kitchen cabinets to be a “new neutral.” As the color evokes calming, relaxing sensations, it’s just what many of us need coming out of 2020 to make sure 2021 will be a better year.


2. The Perfect Countertop to Match Blue Kitchen Cabinets RTA Wood Cabinets

Sometimes homeowners shy away from more colorful kitchen options because they worry how it will pair will other aspects of the kitchen, for example kitchen countertops.

The good news is there are plenty of countertop choices that match well with blue. For example, you can achieve a strikingly luxurious effect by pairing certain shades of blue cabinetry with white marble countertops – when done right, the blue tones bring out the veins in the marble.

If you opt for dark blue cabinets, you’ll want to be sure to select a lighter color countertop. Natural wood can add warmth and coziness while still brightening the room overall. Or, you might want to consider stone countertops in a light gray.


3. Get Your Blue Kitchen Cabinets Without the Wait

Sometimes, one of the downsides of ordering blue cabinets is that many companies take a long time to deliver. Because blue is still very much a “trendy” choice, cabinet companies don’t always have it in stock and/or sell out very quickly.

Luckily, here at RTA Wood Cabinets, we have multiple blue cabinet offerings, some that come fully assembled and ready to be installed, others in pieces that are ready-to-assemble (RTA) so DIY fans can have an even more affordable option. Typically, all these can be delivered in under three weeks!

One of most our popular blue cabinet choices is Elegant Ocean Blue, a shaker-style cabinet with classic clean lines that looks beautiful in both contemporary and traditional kitchens. We also have Park Ave Ocean Blue, a birch cabinet with a raised panel design for traditional appeal. In addition, there’s Fashion Ocean Blue, a decorative choice with a shaker recessed panel. For a ready-to-assemble option, try our Amesbury Mist shaker panel cabinets that come in a refreshingly crisp blue-gray.

If you’re curious about blue kitchen cabinets for your home, our RTA Wood Cabinets team will be happy to answer any questions You can even get a FREE kitchen planning consultation with one of our design experts. Just call: 800-788-7575.


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