The Hottest New Trend for 2021: The Gaming Kitchen


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Kitchens have always been the home hotspot for entertaining. Now in 2021 when gaming has become one of the most popular forms of home entertainment, we’re seeing the rise of the newest kitchen design trend: the gaming kitchen.

The gaming kitchen borrows from the sleek modern aesthetic of the current gaming culture. Only the set up extends from a gaming chair and a desk decked out with the latest tech to an entire kitchen / home entertaining area that serves the needs of a group of enthusiastic gamers.

Curious what goes into a gaming kitchen? Here are 5 key elements:


1. A Large Sleek, Flat Surface to Support Players’ Tech

Whether your gaming kitchen features a butcher block island or a massive tabletop, you need to be sure to have a large surface to support your multiple players and their devices.

Often, a gaming kitchen will feature dark, matte colors so that all the focus and attention is drawn to the gaming equipment and the interaction between the players. This aesthetic also complements the sleek, minimalist look often associated with gaming.


2. RGB Lighting

A gaming kitchen can recreate the lighting found on many gaming devices by utilizing RGB lights through the kitchen. These can be strategically placed under and over cabinets to create various effects and create moods appropriate to the different games being played.

A savvy player can even plan ahead to set the colors of the lighting to match the brand of that night’s game. If you’ll be having guests over to play, you can make it a memorable evening by using the lighting to evoke the atmosphere of that night’s games.


3. Hidden Cables RTA Wood Cabinet

Even with all the advances in wireless technology, most gaming setups today still require cables to hook up all the necessary devices. But no one wants to have to deal with or look at a tangled mess of cords laying around.

This is why cable management is often an important aspect of a gamer’s desk setup, and it’s just as important, if not more so, when designing a gaming kitchen. Hopefully more kitchen designers will learn from this gaming kitchen trend, because kitchen appliances have plenty of electrical cords that ought to be hidden too!

In order to hide cable, it’s important to plan the layout of your kitchen in advance so that you can strategically place outlets the hide otherwise visible wires. Such outlet might, for example, be located under a cabinet or on the side of the kitchen island. Another option is to use a spring-loaded panel that can be pressed to reveal a hidden electrical outlet.

For a gaming kitchen, you might also want a power track featuring slots for multiple different adapters so that everyone can easily plug in, no matter what kind of device they are using. The power track can be installed to match your backsplash so that it is essentially camouflaged and hidden from plain sight.


4. Smart Kitchen Setup

Since your gaming kitchen is meant to work effortlessly with technology, you ideally want a thorough smart kitchen setup.

In modern kitchens, it is now common to have appliances such as your refrigerator or microwave connected with internet so that you can control and interact with these appliances using your voice or your smartphone. The next wave of technology will connect these with your games for an even more immersive gaming experience.


5. Modern Kitchen Cabinets 

In order to complete your new gaming kitchen, you want to be sure to have modern style cabinets that support the gaming design.

For example, you’ll want to have flat panel doors to complement the look of your gaming surfaces. You’ll also want to make sure the cabinets support your new lighting. Most importantly, you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of storage, so that you can stow away everything kitchen related and just focus on the game when it’s time to play.

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