The Ideal Kitchen Layout for A Big Family That Loves to Entertain

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Is your kitchen the hub for big family gatherings? Whether you have multiple generations and extended family living all under one roof or are constantly cooking up big dinners and inviting friends and family to your place, you need a kitchen that will serve all your entertaining needs.

A spacious kitchen is generally a must-have for big families who love to entertain, because coming together over food and drinks is one of the best ways to connect and share with those you love. If you’re curious how to design a kitchen that will be ideal for your big family get-togethers, try these 4 tips:


1. Open Floor Plan

The kitchen is often the center of activity in a home, especially when you’re entertaining, as people will want continual access to food or beverages. Plus, you want to make sure not to isolate whoever is doing the hard work of cooking and hosting. Because of this, an open floor plan is often ideal.

With an open floor plan, the kitchen is not a small cramped space walled off from the rest of the home. Instead, the kitchen opens out into any dining area or living room space so that family and guests can easily come and go.

You won’t have to worry about your kitchen becoming overcrowded, and you’ll be able to see everyone and move through conversations in a free-flowing way.


2. Kitchen Islands

A small kitchen typically doesn’t have room for an island. However, once you remove a wall or two to create an open floor layout, a kitchen island can often be used to create some division in the space while still keeping everything open.

Best of all, a kitchen island can serve many useful functions. An island typically features a countertop that can be used to prepare and serve your dishes. An island also usually has cabinetry for extra storage. Some islands are home to appliances like dishwashers or microwaves. You may even want to incorporate chairs around your kitchen island so there’s more seating for everybody.

Some kitchens today even feature two islands in order to maximize the functional use of the open floor plan layout and make entertaining easier.


3. Touch of Comfort RTA Wood Cabinets

You want your family and guests to feel relaxed when you’re entertaining in your home. So be sure to add a touch of comfort.

There are many ways your can evoke a comfortable environment. For example, you might want to add throw pillows to your kitchen seating or place a plush throw rug beneath everyone’s feet. You might want to design your open floor plan layout to include a fireplace nearby where everyone can gather on a cold day. Or, consider installing a sound system so that you always have the right music to set the mood.


4. Open to the Outdoors

One of the best ways you can maximize your space is to create an open floor layout that ultimately leads to a patio or other outdoor space. Consider a wide doorway to the outside with glass-paned doors so that the indoor and outdoor space can merge together on a beautiful day.

If it’s not possible to open your kitchen up so that you can walk directly outdoors, at least try to add as many windows to your space as possible. The bright natural light and expansive views will make your kitchen feel more spacious, even when it’s filled with family and guests.  

Are you curious how these tips could apply to your kitchen at home? If so, our team here at RTA Wood Cabinets will be happy to partner with you to create a beautiful open concept kitchen that’s perfect for your big family gatherings. We’ll even offer you a FREE kitchen layout design from one of our expert kitchen designers.

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