The Perfect Pantry Solutions for Busy Kitchens

Is your kitchen the busiest room in your home? Kitchens often serve as a hub where there’s constant activity as you or your family members are engaged in different kitchen tasks all at the same time.

When you’ve got a busy kitchen, you need a well-organized pantry to help you keep things under control. If not, you’ll just waste more precious time searching for the items you need, and may even end up with a big mess on your hands if bags and bottle start to spill open everywhere. 

If you need a better pantry solution for your busy kitchen, here are 4 tips you can try:


1. Multi-Storage Drawers 

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Drawers can be excellent way to keep your kitchen items safely stored and out of the way. Many kitchens now come with cabinet sets featuring deep drawers that can potentially hold lots of kitchen items. However, you want to be sure to keep the contents inside the drawer organized.

One useful solution is to use drawer dividers to create designated areas for different kinds of items. For example, you may create a row for canned goods next to a larger row for boxed goods. Or, you might want to use multi-storage drawers to separate different pots and pans.

Implementing dividers in a low drawer can even make it easy for your young children to start to learn about organization and help with kitchen tasks. Kids will be able to easily reach and see exactly where different kitchen items should go.

2. Pull-Out Drawers

Another way you can improve the organization potential of your drawers is to utilize pull-out drawers.

Some pull-out drawers help you maximize the vertical space inside a drawer, especially a long low drawer such as you might have next to your dishwasher. Look for drawers that feature shelves where you could store cups, bowls, or baking items in addition to cannisters that would hold your large mixing and serving utensils. 

You might also want pull-out drawers to store you pots and pans so that you don’t have to get all the way down on the floor to rummage in the back of cabinet to find what you’re looking for.


3. Spice Drawers 

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If you or someone in your family enjoys cooking, your pantry will undoubtedly need a pantry solution for your spices. 

Typically, most dishes only need a small amount of any spice, but you need a variety of different spices on hand to create delicious flavors. This leads to an accumulation of lots of small spice bottles or cannisters that need to be kept organized so that you can easily access the exact spices you want for any given dish.

Many pantries feature a spice cabinet where all the different spices are clearly labelled and displayed on shelves. However, if you have a smaller kitchen, you may be able to keep all your spices in one drawer. By utilizing specialized spice drawer inserts you can keep your spices clearly organized and conveniently close.


4. A Lazy Susan

If your idea of a Lazy Susan involves cheap plastic rotating shelves, it’s time for you to explore an updated 21st century Lazy Susan.

Today, your rotating shelves might not even need a pole to rotate around. Instead, your corner cabinet might feature upper shelves that come together to form a right angle with a lower round shelf that spins independently. Look for shelving that comes in solid hardwood as a mark of quality. 

Do you need more effective pantry storage for your busy kitchen? If so, our team here at RTA Wood Cabinets can help you plan and design a better kitchen layout. We even offer a FREE kitchen design from one of our experts. 

You can schedule yours today by giving us a call at: 1-800-788-7575. 

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