The Timeless Style of a Black & White Kitchen Design

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“Is a black and white kitchen in style?”

This is a question we hear at RTA Wood Cabinets over and over again, year after year. Perhaps it’s understandable. If you saw a black and white kitchen design that looked chic and contemporary in 2010 or 2000 or 1990, you may rightly be wondering if the look could possibly still be in style today.

The answer is a resounding yes. Because a black and white kitchen never goes out of style. And for good reason.

Black and white is a classic color combination that has been used throughout time, across cultures, and across aesthetic realms - from fine art to fashion to interior design for every room. So black and white kitchen design has been a perennially popular choice.

Here are just 4 of the top reasons why a black and white kitchen will always be in style:

1. Elegance

There’s something inherently elegant about black and white design. The stark contrast when the two colors are juxtaposed makes the eye take notice.

One way to enhance the effect is to incorporate structural elements and varying textures that emphasize the play between the two colors. For example, a large wall unit of strikingly black matte cabinets placed against a shiny bright white floor will reinforce the color design.

Or, try a classic pairing of black and white floor tiles to add a touch of elegance to any kitchen.

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2. Versatility

When you start with a black and white design for your inspiration, your imagination can run in countless directions.

A black and white kitchen can work with a wide range of interior design styles, from formal to casual, sophisticated to rustic, industrial to farmhouse, contemporary to traditional. Black and white may just be the most versatile of all color combinations.

In addition, there can be countless varieties to how you combine black and white. Maybe you prefer a kitchen that is mostly white with just a few black accents, or the reverse. Maybe you incorporate multiple shades of gray into your palette, or just stick precisely with the black to white contrast.

Black and white kitchens also work well with a range of other material elements. For example, maybe you want to incorporate woods for a warmer feel, metals for a sense of modernity, or glass for a new lens through which to view your surroundings.

3. Possibilities of Color

Another reason the black and white palette has such a timeless allure is because it provides the perfect backdrop to showcase pops of color.

Best of all, when you start with black and white, you can then choose any additional color you desire from the rainbow.

Maybe you’ll love to showcase a favorite colorful painting in your kitchen or use brightly colored glass over your kitchen pendant lights. Or maybe you’ll plant a wall herb garden or display fresh cut flowers and let nature’s colors take center stage.

4. Minimalist

A black and white kitchen is a canvas that’s clean, crisp, and simplified. If you love minimalist design, you can use black and white to create a sleek look that can be made to fit with whatever style home you have.

And, starting with that minimalist aesthetic, you can incorporate additional flair if you so choose and still retain a timeless appeal.

One key component of your perfect black and white kitchen is the design of your kitchen cabinets – if you’d like to explore more, our team here at RTA Wood Cabinets will be happy to give you a FREE Kitchen Design.

You can get your dream design started by giving us a call at: 800-788-7575.

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