What Color Countertop Goes Best with White Cabinets?

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White cabinets are the all-time most popular color choice for kitchens – and it’s not surprising. White is a versatile color bringing a clean, bright, and spacious appeal that works with a range a design styles from rustic farmhouse to cutting edge contemporary to everything in between.

However, precisely because white cabinets can be used in so many ways, it’s not obvious once you choose (or get stuck with) white cabinets to know what other colors you should use in your kitchen. One frequent concern is what color you should choose for your kitchen countertop to match the white cabinets.

Although there are multiple paths that will lead in the end to a beautiful kitchen design, the first step in choosing complementary colors for a white kitchen is to decide whether you want an overall warm or cool color palette. With white as your background, you could go either way.

Once you have a general sense of your color direction, there are many possibilities you could pursue for your kitchen countertops. Here are several countertop color options, all of which pair beautifully with white cabinets:


1. Grays RTA Wood Cabinets

Gray is a calming neutral that will add an aura of sophistication to your kitchen.

There are a variety of gray tones available for kitchen countertops, some that are warmer and some that are cooler, so this color is a possibility for a range of kitchen styles.

When people think of gray countertops, what typically first comes to mind are granite or quartz designs, many which include hints of white, black, or even green or blue tones that can enhance the overall color scheme. However, you might prefer gray concrete or metallic countertops for a more industrial or sleek modern look.


2. White 

White on white turns out to be an intriguing color combination that will make your kitchen feel large and bright.

White marble is often a homeowner’s dream, with veins of various shades adding an extra color dimension. There are also gorgeous white stone options available in granite and quartz.

For a more affordable option, you might consider white laminate countertops, which often provide durability, strength, and the same design appeal of expensive stone work at a fraction of the cost.


3. Touch of Gold

One of the trending kitchen colors for 2021 will be gold. While all-gold countertops will probably never be either practical or affordable, there are stylish ways to get glints of gold in your countertops, which are especially striking against a background of white.

For example, there are many variations of gold granite and quartz countertops, in which the glimmer of golden tones often swirls with browns, grays, and other warm colors. You can also find laminate alternatives that will still make you feel luxurious.


4. Dark Tones RTA Wood Cabinets

Another trend for 2021 will be dark tones in the kitchen. From deep espressos to pure black, these tones work best as accent colors and often need a prominent contrasting light shade – such as all-white for the kitchen cabinets – in order to really pop.

Dark granite and quartz countertops add a sleek, modern flair to kitchens. Or, use black countertops to create a more classic black and white design.


5. Wood

One timeless pairing for white cabinets is wooden countertops. Wood brings a warm, cozy, organic sensibility to a kitchen. It can be used in a rustic setting or paired with modern elements in a transitional or contemporary kitchen layout.

There are a variety of types and shades of wood you can use for your countertops. You might even want to whitewash the wood, especially if you love a modern farmhouse effect.

Still can’t decide? If you’d prefer cabinet/countertop color suggestions that are more personalized to your specific kitchen, then hop on a call with one of our kitchen design experts here at RTA Wood Cabinets. We offer a FREE kitchen design. You can reach us at: 800-788-7575.