What is the Best Time of Year to Buy Kitchen Cabinets?


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If you’re making plans for the year and one of your goals is to remodel your kitchen, then you may be wondering: when is the best time to buy new kitchen cabinets?

As homeowners, we find that many of our projects are best done during certain times of the year. For example, if you’re remodeling your garage, it’s often best to do so when the weather is nice but not too hot, so you can remove everything from the garage and leave it outdoors. However, it may not be so obvious when are the most opportune times to remodel your kitchen.

The simple fact is, there is no one right time to buy new cabinets and renovate your kitchen. Actually, each season of the year has its unique benefits when it comes to remodeling. This means that any time could potentially be the right time for you to finally get the kitchen of your dreams!



Spring is often the most popular time to do a renovation. After a cold, harsh Winter as the days start getting longer and warmer, many people find their thoughts start turning to rejuvenation and the desire to refresh their living spaces.

If you’ll be doing any of the renovation or installation work yourself, Spring may be the ideal time as you’ll probably find the task more enjoyable when the days are sunny and the temperature is mild. Also, if you time the work just right, you can make the post-installation cleanup coincide with your yearly Spring cleaning.



Are you ready for a Summer break? If you’ve got a lot going on in your life, perhaps the best time to pursue a remodeling project is when you can take a vacation and spend time at home focused on your kitchen.

Many homeowners make their decision about summer renovation projects based on whether or not they have kids. Interestingly, though, the decision could go either way. Some parents wouldn’t dream of executing a major renovation when the kids are home all day. Others find it’s the perfect opportunity to have extra cleanup help.


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As the leaves starts changing color and the days start getting cooler, many homeowners dream of making their homes as beautiful as the surrounding nature. Back-to-school time is a season for new beginnings, and it may be the perfect time to finally remodel your kitchen.

One of the advantages of the early Fall season is that there aren’t any major holidays until Halloween. You may just be spending your weekends at home raking leaves and preparing for Winter anyway. Also, the combination of crisp temperatures and bright sunlight in the weeks before the clocks change could be the perfect time to get some hard work done.



If you live in a region where Winter can mean snow, ice, and freezing temperatures, you might think this season is off-limits for a renovation project. However, it might in fact be the perfect time.

Many contractors find that business slows down in Winter, so if you’ll be hiring anyone for your renovation, you’ll probably find it easy to schedule who you want when you want them, maybe even at a discount. If you plan to do the work on your own, this may be the perfect opportunity as you know you’ll have more free time during the holidays. And just imagine how wonderful it could be to have friends and family over to visit on a cold day for a warm, cozy meal in your new kitchen!

Ultimately, the best time of year to buy kitchen cabinets and remodel your kitchen is the time that works best for you. Here at RTA Wood Cabinets, we’ll be available whenever you are ready to take the next step and make your dream kitchen a reality. We’ll even give you a FREE personalized kitchen design from one of our design experts. Just give us a call at: 1-800-788-7575.