What You Will Receive with RTA Quality Cabinets

When you start shopping for new cabinets, it’s important to understand that not all cabinets are created equal. There are some materials that provide great value and others that turn out to be poor quality after a couple of months.

At RTA Wood Cabinets, our birch and maple woods are durable, long-lasting, and priced affordably. Our cheap, quality cabinets are available ready-to-assemble, helping you receive more of a discount on your investment. What should you expect when you purchase ready-to-assemble cabinetry?

RTA has increased in popularity and helps homeowners going through a remodel feel a sense of accomplishment as they construct the cabinets themselves. Shipped in flat panels, the assembly is secure, and the cabinets last through years of wear and tear that you’ll see in everyday kitchen life.
Cheap kitchen cabinets

Quality Construction

Our Grade A plywood frame and solid wood panels supplied as part of our unassembled cabinets come in a premium selection with the full scope of quality you expect for your kitchen. The plywood and dovetail drawers create an attractiveness that delivers a strong finish in your most heavily used space. 

Strong Finishes

RTA cabinetry comes in a variety of finishes. You have free reign in choosing the stain or paint color for your cabinet that will stand out in your kitchen. You can mix and match doors and drawers to deliver a custom look to your remodel. Whether you’re more aligned with a light oak wood look, darker cherry wood coloring, or either end of the spectrum with white painted or dark stained woods, there is an option that fits perfectly in your kitchen.

When you’re looking for a new kitchen design, you don’t want the cabinets–your biggest investment–to show signs of wear. You need a strong finish that is both durable and aesthetically appealing.

The Best Prices

With unassembled cabinets, you’re making a purchase decision that gives you a lot more for your money . You’ll pay less for shipping as they’ll be shipped in flat panels, plus you won’t have to pay the labor costs associated with assembling the cabinets as you can be doing the work yourself.

Shop with confidence with RTA Wood Cabinets. From the quality frames to the strong construction of the boxes, each cabinet and drawer is affordable and easy to assemble. Assemble your dream kitchen today. Shop for your new kitchen today.

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