Why Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinets Have Gained in Popularity

Homeowners have routinely selected shaker style cabinets in their kitchen remodeling and design projects over the past few years. They continue to be one of the most popular cabinet styles in many homes across the country.

When homeowners looking to redesign their kitchen space and look for kitchen cabinets online, here are a couple reasons as to why the shaker style continues to be a top choice for kitchens across the country.

White kitchen cabinets

The Simple Style

These shaker cabinets and drawers create an orderly and clean look, with a sleek and symmetrical appearance. The pure design on shaker cabinets create multiple ways to add small details to the style and create a custom look for the kitchen.


Through the simple style, shaker cabinets will bring harmony and stability to any kitchen, matching almost any design and style of your space. The rail and stile of the shaker cabinets can be divided into multiple sections using mid-rails to create a more stable and interesting look to the finished design of the kitchen. 

Quality Finishes

Shakers are easily customized into many kitchen and are available in a variety of styles through a number of stained finishes from RTA Wood Cabinets. Opting for a simple finish, from a colorful or rustic style, creates a unique finish for your home.

Cost-Effective Option

Coming ready to assemble and also in the readily available birch wood stains and paint, homeowners are able to piece the cabinets together in a short amount of time. Coming ready to assemble, you’ll experience reduced shipping costs and no extra labor costs. With shaker style cabinets, you’ll receive a cost-effective option that creates a custom look and an upgrade to your kitchen.

For simple and inexpensive white cabinets or darker wood stained shaker cabinets from RTA Wood Cabinets, shop online and transform your home. When you’re looking for cost-effective, practical and versatile cabinets for your remodeling project, we have all your shaker cabinet styles in stock.