Your 2021 Dream Kitchen Renovation

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2021 is an opportunity for a fresh new start, something many of us deeply need this year after the chaos and stress of 2020. In addition to your New Year’s resolution, now may be the perfect time to embark on processes of change in multiple areas of your life. For many, the beginning of the new year is the ideal time to start planning home renovations, including dream kitchen renovations.


In a previous article, we explored some of the hottest kitchen design trends you can expect to see in 2021, including double kitchen islands, dark colors, and gold accents.


However, whether you prefer to keep up with the latest fashions or simply feel the need to freshen up your traditional kitchen, there are a few key questions you should consider before you make major changes to achieve your dream kitchen. Here are three questions to get your 2021 dream kitchen renovation started:


1. What Are Your 2021 Dream Kitchen Goals?

Before you start ordering new appliances or shopping for cans of paint, it’s important to get clear on your kitchen renovation goals so that you do get the dream kitchen you want for 2021.

Depending on the state of your current kitchen and the uses for the space you want to pursue, you want to generate a list of priorities. Many families found in 2020 that they wanted and needed to use their kitchen for different purposes. Maybe your kitchen now has to serve as a space for work-from-home or school-from-home. Or, maybe you want to spend more time developing your amateur chef skills so you can cook better meals at home in 2021.

Once you know your 2021 dream kitchen goals, you can then also face the reality of constraints in order to determine which changes you can actually pursue, including which are most important to do and in what order. For example, while you might dream of a second stove, maybe you need to change your kitchen layout and storage capacities before making that purchase.


2. What’s Your 2021 Dream Kitchen Budget? RTA Wood Cabinets

One of the most significant constraints in any kitchen renovation is the budget. Even if you do possess considerable funds, any investment you make in your kitchen is less money you can spend on other activities, projects, or even savings. If like many you’re struggling financially coming into 2021, then making and sticking to a budget will be important now more than ever.

To give you a guide, a recent study by Home Advisor found the typical cost to remodel a kitchen was within the range of approximately $13,000 to $38,000, or about $150 per square foot.

In a breakdown of this budget, the study found the largest single percentage (29%) went to cabinetry and hardware. So if you need to save money, it might be worth your while to find the best value-for-cost for your kitchen cabinets. Another significant percentage of the budget (17%) went to installation fees. Thus, if you can pursue remodeling options you could potentially install yourself, that could be another way to save literally thousands of dollars.


3. What Cabinets Will You Choose for your 2021 Dream Kitchen?

One of the most important decisions you will make when renovating your kitchen is the choice of cabinets. Not only will new kitchen cabinets be a significant financial investment, they will play a crucial role in establishing the overall look and functionality of your kitchen.

Here at RTA Wood Cabinets, we specialize in offering gorgeous, quality, functional cabinets in a variety of styles and colors in two forms: our assembled cabinets come pre-assembled and will save you time in addition to 30-50% off custom prices. Or, for an even more affordable option, we offer “Ready-to-Assemble” (RTA) cabinets you can put together yourself following our easy pictographic or video installation instructions.

You can get started today and register for a FREE kitchen design by giving us a call at: 1-800-788-7575.

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