4 Ways to Enhance Your Kitchen Cabinets in Order to Increase Your Kitchen Storage Potential

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It’s easy for kitchens to become cluttered. With all the appliances, utensils, gadgets, and tools needed to prepare and serve a good meal (and then clean up afterwards!), every kitchen needs a good storage strategy. Not to mention that many kitchens also serve as a pantry to stock spices and packaged food products – you need a storage system to keep kitchen tasks running smoothly.

Unfortunately, most kitchens don’t come fully optimized for storage. It is understandable as different homeowners will have different kitchen storage needs depending on their lifestyles and preferences.

However, you can create a personalized kitchen storage system to meet your unique demands. It’s a question of finding / creating a dedicated and convenient home for every item you want to store in your kitchen.

In order to get the kitchen storage that you need, here are 4 ways you can enhance your kitchen cabinets to maximize their storage potential:


1. Storage Possibilities on the Back Side of Your Cabinet Doors

Cabinet doors are useful for hiding what’s inside (this can be especially useful if you haven’t yet maximized the storage inside a cabinet – see Point #2 – and you need to stow away a mess of items behind closed doors). However, the cabinet doors themselves can also be made to serve a useful storage function.

You can make functional use of the inside of your cabinet door by adding shelves. This could be the perfect solution for organizing your spices or storing a collection of shot glasses. Choose a cabinet that is close to wherever you would use the item, so that access is as quick and easy as reaching out to open that door.


2. Storage Dividers Inside a Cabinet RTA Wood Cabinets

One of the best ways to maximize the storage potential inside a cabinet is to create compartments by adding dividers.

For example, if you own lots of baking pans, trays, and cooling racks, you can create slots so that you don’t have to dig through a large unwieldy pile to find just the right size you need. Or you can install two boards in an X shape to create an easy yet practical wine rack.


3. Under-Cabinet Shelving

It’s obvious that we can use kitchen cabinets to store things inside them – though you may want to think twice about what you put in the high-up, harder-to-reach cabinets. However, you can also insert an under-cabinet rack for more storage that’s typically easier to access.

For example, you might want a metal organizing rack that you just slip onto the bottom of one of your high cupboards. There are horizontal spaces perfect for storing cutting boards and also some hanging bars where you can hang your kitchen towels to dry.


4. Pull-Out Storage Possibilities RTA Wood Cabinets

One of the best ways to make use of your lower cabinets is to include some pull-out storage.

One popular use of pull-out storage cabinets is for trash and recyclables, which you can keep hidden and tucked away, often making clever use of a corner space. Or, you might also use a pull-out cabinet to serve as your pantry where you store multiple rows of canned goods. Pull-out shelving racks can also be used under the sink to store your cleaning supplies for quick and easy access.

If you’ve spent years having to get down on hands and knees or lay on your stomach in order to reach for something in a low cabinet, you will undoubtedly appreciate a pull-out option as part of your cabinetry.

Curious as to what kind of kitchen cabinet will work best to maximize storage in your kitchen? Speak with one of our RTA Wood Cabinets Kitchen Designers and get your FREE kitchen design today by calling: 800-788-7575.

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