5 Secrets of a Timeless Kitchen Design


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Are you curious what’s the secret behind a timeless kitchen design? Renovating your kitchen can be such an expensive, time-consuming endeavor, wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could know that your kitchen will still look just as stylish years from now?

That dream can be your reality. Some homeowners have kitchens that were created over 20 years ago yet still feel vibrant and relevant today.

If you’re wondering how you can get a kitchen that you will love for decades, here are 5 secrets to help you achieve a timeless kitchen design.


1. Soothing & Natural Color Palette

You want your home to evoke certain feelings. When it comes to the kitchen area, two feelings that will always be desired and in style are joy and tranquility.

One way you can achieve a blissful serenity in your kitchen is through the color palette you choose. In particular, muted colors inspired by nature will give that peaceful, soothing effect.

In 2022, sage green is one of the hottest trending kitchen colors. However, it is also a timeless shade that evokes an eternity of Springs. So, it is an ideal choice if you want to choose something popular that can also stand the test of time. Some other ideal choices include light sea blues, foam grays, and woodsy browns.


2. Functional Layout

A practical kitchen is a functional kitchen. Though fads and seasons change, the basic tasks you need to perform in a kitchen remain constant: meal prep, cooking, and clean up.

The kitchen work triangle is a basic layout design that has been recommended for years because it makes your basic kitchen tasks efficient to perform. Essentially, it prescribes where you ought to place you three most important kitchen appliances (your refrigerator, stove, and sink) in relation to each other so that it’s easy to move between them.

The kitchen work triangle was developed by the University of Illinois School of Architecture way back in the 1940’s and still guides kitchen designers today…. that’s the mark of a true perennial classic!


3. Reflect the Values & Personality of Your Family RTA Wood Cabinets

Though you and your family will undoubtedly grow and change over the years, your underlying personality and core family values should remain constant. When you incorporate your personality and values into your kitchen design, the result will be a customized kitchen that should continue to grow with you.

For example, if memories of family trips to your summer beach house are important to you, you can create a decorative wall in your kitchen to display your favorite photographs and souvenirs. While you might change or add to the images and collected objects as years go by, the overall design can remain what it is.


4. Mix Antique & Modern Pieces

In a timeless kitchen, it’s common to find a mix of textures and materials that place antiques side by side with modern pieces.

For example, you might have your grandmother’s old white ceramic pitcher next to a contemporary metallic vase. It might seem eclectic, but it works. Best of all, when you intentionally mix the old and the new, it’s easy to make minor adjustments to your decorative accessories and retain a kitchen with ageless appeal.


5. Tell a Story with Design

Does your kitchen design tell a story? Stories are an ancient part of our human heritage. Yet every day, people love to tell and hear stories, bringing classic tales to new generations.

In a timeless kitchen, every object can seem to tell a story. Maybe it’s a story about your family traditions. Or a story about a trip you took and the inspiration your brought home. Perhaps it’s even a story of hope you have for the new memories you will create in this gathering space.

When all the elements of your kitchen are chosen with intention and that intention gets to the heart of what matters most in your life, your kitchen design can, indeed, be forever.

Are you struggling to put together a kitchen design that will last beyond the fads and trends? There are so many important considerations, from high-investment elements like your countertops or cabinets, to the overall layout and design. Luckily, you can get assistance for FREE from one of our RTA Wood Cabinets design experts, including a customized layout specifically for your unique kitchen.

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