5 Ways to Modernize Your Country Kitchen


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Do you love the cozy comforts of a country kitchen, but don’t want your home to look like it belongs to your grandma? Luckily, the joys of a country kitchen style can be featured in a modern home.

Whether you lean toward a large, open-concept contemporary farmhouse kitchen or small country cottage feel, there’s no reason why your country kitchen needs to look outdated. You can get all the benefits of a modern kitchen design and still go country too.

If you’d like some inspiration for your kitchen remodel, here are 5 ways to achieve a modern country kitchen:


1. Feature Patterns Beyond Florals

Patterns are key to a true country style. Country kitchens are often full of multiple prints and patterned designs with the suggestion that they were just casually thrown together (even when the design choice is, in fact, quite deliberate).

In your grandma’s kitchen, there might be intricate floral patterns signaling that traditional country vibe. However, in your modern country kitchen, it’s time to explore patterns that go beyond the delicate flowers.

To get that country feel, you probably still want to showcase images of nature – but it might be of trees, leaves, birds, or other farmhouse animals. In order to make the design feel even more modern, you can pair these patterns with stripes or other geometrical shapes.

Wallpaper is making a comeback for modern kitchens. Or, you might want to display your patterns in backsplash tiles, table linens, or other kitchen accessories. Be sure to choose complementary colors for all your patterns so that your overall design still feels cohesive.


2. Paint with Playful Colors 

RTA Wood Cabinets

Bright, cheerful colors are one of the delights of a country kitchen. However, you can modernize the design by choosing trendy contemporary colors.

For example, in 2022, one of the hottest colors for kitchens is sage green. This can be a perfect addition to a country design, even if you’re choosing more classic-looking countertops or rustic wooden floors. You might also want to explore the blue and gray tones that are currently popular in the latest kitchen designs.

In a country kitchen, you can go beyond pale, muted tones and feature bright pops of color. To make sure it’s modern, play with these colors as accents in your overall color palette.


3. Create a Cozy Corner

The perfect country kitchen is an inviting space where you can curl up and relax after a long, hard day. One modern touch that will give you those warm feels is to incorporate a cozy corner into your kitchen design.

For example, you can add a small sofa or plush lounge chair with a small table for your favorite warm beverage. Be sure to add a throw rug and piles of pillows and cushions to soften your perfect little kitchen nook. 


4. Set Up a Pantry

One of the conveniences of a modern kitchen is a pantry. Whether you have the space to create a full pantry closet, or you just designate a corner of your kitchen cabinets and shelves to serve as the pantry, this addition will make your modern country kitchen more functional while staying consistent with your overall homey style.

Best of all, a pantry will help free up space in your kitchen that might otherwise have gone to storage so that you can display more of your country-inspired furnishings and décor!


5. Put Dishes on Display with Prominent Open Shelves RTA Wood Cabinets

While modern kitchens are minimalist and clutter-free, country kitchens are charming in their display of beloved objects. They key to combining the styles is to be selective of what you put on display. One obvious choice is to showcase your dishes and other tableware. 

Large open shelves are the perfect addition to a country kitchen so that you can showcase your (probably beautifully patterned) dishes and other favorite accessories, but while still keeping the overall design contained and appealing. Don’t forget you’ll want some closed-door cabinetry too in order to keep your other kitchen items out of sight. 

Are you ready to start planning and building your dream country kitchen with that perfect modern touch? If so, our friendly team here at RTA Wood Cabinets will be happy to be your partners in success.

We’ll even gift you a FREE customized kitchen design so you get the ideal modern layout for your new country kitchen. Schedule a consultation with one of expert designers by giving us a call at: 1-800-788-7575. 

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