6 Tips to Make Your Kitchen Feel Spacious and Inviting


Winter days may be dark and dreary, but your kitchen can be a space in your home that feels open, bright, and comforting. You don’t even necessarily need to go through a full kitchen remodel to transform your kitchen into a room you will love.

Here are 6 ideas you can use to enhance your kitchen to make it feel more spacious and inviting for your family and guests:


1. Try a shade of white as your base color

Especially if you have a smaller kitchen, choosing a shade of white as a main color in your palette will help the room feel larger and brighter. They key to an effective white-based kitchen, however, is to also add some darker contrasting colors.

If your kitchen is currently filled with dark colors, focus on any wall space that is above the height of your waist and start by painting your upper walls and ceiling a shade of white to reflect the light.


2. Make sure your kitchen layout is optimized to let in natural light 

If you’re considering a brand-new kitchen layout, you might be able to remove a wall or two to enlarge the overall footprint of your kitchen and get more windows shining in on your space.

However, if a new layout and new windows aren’t a realistic option for you right now, you may be able to rearrange certain pieces of furniture or appliances to allow more natural light in from any existing windows.

Also, consider replacing your current light bulbs with new LED bulbs with white light that mimics natural sunlight.


3. Try undercabinet lighting

Installing lighting underneath your cabinets is another way to make it seem as though there is more natural light in the room than there actually is.

Not only will undercabinet lighting be useful as you’re preparing and serving meals, it will bring a subtle feeling of warmth and show that you care about the small details that make a big impact.


4. Add textured materials 

A white kitchen will feel large and spacious, but you can add character and warmth by introducing materials that are rich in texture.

If you have the budget, you might want to invest in stone countertops. Or, you might want to choose cabinets or flooring that show a wood grain. However, even with more limited resources, you can bring in accessories with interesting patterns or textured surfaces to add both visual and textural design.


5. Bring in warmth with kitchen rugs

The right rug can make your kitchen feel warm and cozy without disrupting the overall spacious feeling of your design.

Look for rugs that are white, cream colored, or light earth tones. A woven rug can also be an additional rich textural element that will enhance the overall design of your kitchen and make it feel more inviting.


6. Incorporate glass and reflective surfaces

If your kitchen currently feels cramped, adding glass surfaces can help the room feel much more open. For example, try using glass-paned upper cabinet doors with just a few items on display behind.

Similarly, you can also add reflective surfaces to create an illusion of more space. Adding a larger mirror to the wall will make your kitchen seem much larger than it actually is. Or, try using metallic accents, glass tiles, stainless steel appliances, or reflective paints to help bounce light across the room.

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