Beautiful Sage Green Kitchens Trending for Kitchen Design in 2022

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Curious what will be the next big thing in kitchen design for 2022? When it comes to colors, we can take a cue from major paint brand Benjamin Moore, which has chosen October Mist as the Color of the Year for 2022. October Mist is a neutral sage green color that will look beautiful throughout your home, and especially in your kitchen!

Benjamin Moore describes this hue as “harmonious yet diverse, reliable yet whimsical, and meditative yet eclectic” making it perfect for an active kitchen that could benefit from some calm, grounding energy. 

If you’re wondering what color combinations will pair with sage green, the good news is that all the most popular kitchen colors can be a match. For example, here at RTA Wood Cabinets, we offer cabinetry in a variety of colors and shades including, white, off-white, gray, silver, blue, deep espresso, and even natural wood. As sage green is itself a neutral color found in nature, you could pair it with any of the assembled or beautiful RTA cabinets we offer.

Best of all, sage green will work with a variety of different kitchen styles. Here’s how you might incorporate this bold yet calming green tone into several different kitchen design schemes:


1. Modern Sage Green Kitchens

In a modern kitchen, you might want to use sage green as a bright focal color that will instantly capture attention.

A modern kitchen is often sleek and sophisticated with bold colors and clean lines. For this reason, you might want to pair sage green with a stark black or shiny white countertop. If you love color, you might want to be bold and pair your sage green with equally vibrant shades of blue. 

Look for furniture and light fixtures with interesting geometrical shapes and patterns, and you might want to feature an industrial aesthetic or lean into metallic accents. For your modern kitchen, consider cabinets with heavy horizontal or vertical pull bars to accentuate that contemporary feel. 


2. Contemporary Farmhouse Sage Green Kitchens RTA Wood Cabinets

In a farmhouse style kitchen, you want to use sage green to complement the other natural elements that make up your design.

A contemporary farmhouse kitchen generally combines rustic pieces like exposed beams or distressed shiplap wooden accent walls in combination with modern appliances and metallic accents. A farmhouse kitchen often incorporates plants and design elements inspired by the outdoors or life on a farm, and sage green certainly fits with this aesthetic. 

In your farmhouse kitchen, you might want to include sage green as an accent color that complements the wood, stone, and metal materials throughout your kitchen. You could even paint your walls sage green to emphasize the eco-feel of your space.


3. Traditional Sage Green Kitchens

Green is certainly not a traditional color for kitchens. However, you can bring some life and vibrancy to a traditional style kitchen by incorporating a little sage green into your design without it feeling out of place. 

A traditional kitchen often features painted cabinets in white or off-white. Shaker cabinets are quite common in this design style. Traditional kitchens often contain hardwood floors and countertops in traditional granite or laminate material for that truly classic look. 

Muted tones of sage green could be a beautiful accent color in your traditional style kitchen. Even if it’s just a few accessories you showcase on your walls or a tone running through your kitchen fabrics, it’s a way to evoke nature and add a touch of color while still maintaining the traditional kitchen vibe.

Are you ready to redesign your kitchen and incorporate sage green hues for 2022? If so, you might want fresh cabinetry too. So be sure to check out our stylish collections of assembled cabinets and ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets we’ve curated here at RTA Wood Cabinets. We’ll even gift you a FREE kitchen layout design to help you jumpstart your 2022 planning.

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