How to use Crown Molding, Dental Molding, Rope Molding, Light Rail Molding and Furniture Base Molding.

There are lots of ways to enhance your kitchen, adding molding at various spots will change the way the kitchen looks without spending a lot of money.

Crown Molding comes in a traditional look and more modern shaker look in various sizes mounted to the top of the cabinets. If you get a traditional large crown molding you can add a dental or rope molding to it. If you want to have the crown raised to the ceiling you would first put a filler above the cabinet and mount the crown to the filler, for example for a standard 8’ ceiling you would get 36”H wall cabinets which the top would be at 90”, add a filler with crown above it and you will be at the ceiling. You can also raise the crown with a piece of furniture base molding which is 4 ½”H and will make your crown look even more decorative.

Light Rail Molding gets installed on the bottom of the wall cabinets and gives it a more finished and decorative look, it’s called light rail because it helps block the under-cabinet lighting but a lot of people install it even without adding light to make it more decorative. You can also use it as a crown molding if you have very little space to the ceiling.

Furniture Base Molding generally gets installed around the base of an island or peninsula, it finishes it off very nicely and will make it look like a piece of furniture. You can also you it to raise the crown moving up and making it look like a much large crown.

Here at RTA Wood Cabinets we offer Free kitchen design, please give us a call at 800-788-7575 and one of our kitchen designers will design a kitchen for you and go through all the different molding options which can enhance you kitchen and turn it in to the kitchen of your dreams.