Do’s and Don’ts of Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets

As Spring turns to Summer many go out of their way to rejuvenate the interior of their homes. From scrubbing and cleaning to entire home renovations, "Spring Cleaning" take on a whole new meaning. Like all project large and small there will always be bumps along the way but when it come to cleaning your kitchen cabinets you can follow the instructions below to make it a smoother process.


  • Use a soft cotton cloth
  • Use a cloth dampened with soap and warm water, Never spray water directly on to the cabinets.
  • Use a blotting action when cleaning your cabinets.
  • When cleaning a glass door use a household cleaner with a soft clean cloth.


  • Never use an abrasive material such as steel wool or scouring pad to clean your cabinets
  • Don't use harsh chemicals when cleaning. When in doubt of the cleaners suitability do not use.
  • Avoid a wiping motion as this can damage the finish of the cabinet.
  • Never allow excess glass cleaner or other liquid to run off in to the joints of the cabinets.

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