Double Oven Cabinets - How to Modify

Most companies don't stock double oven kitchen cabinets. You have to get a standard single oven cabinet and modify it, its a pretty easy fix. You have to remove some of the bottom drawers and lower the shelf, if its a large double oven then move the top smaller drawer to the bottom and cut out the styles in between, if its a smaller double oven then you can usually keep the larger bottom drawer and just remove the top two drawers. you can also modify the single oven cabinet to hold a microwave oven combo or even a double oven with a drawer warmer. At RTA Wood Cabinets one of our kitchen designers will walk you through the process based on your specific oven to make sure it will fit perfectly and that you should have all the parts you need.

We have single oven cabinets available for most of our Kitchen Collections and they can all be modified for a double oven. Call us at 800-788-7575 for your free kitchen design today.