Finishing touches in your kitchen

The little but important finishing touches that will elevate your kitchen from normal to personal…

 Flooring Generally any flooring you have whether it is tiling, vinyl sheet, timber flooring or vinyl tiles has a relationship with the countertop color as they are both horizontal surfaces, it is standard practice that they are opposites, light and dark, otherwise you could create a bland kitchen. One way of injecting color is by using a colored backsplash.


Lighting is often the last thing considered in a kitchen design and the first thing cut from a budget is incredibly important in a kitchen, different types of lights can alter the mood of your kitchen and can be used for different effects. For example lights in your baseboard could be considered a bit excessive but if switched properly they can provide a dramatic effect on their own and they can have a functional use when they just provide sufficient light to lead you to an area in the kitchen. Under cabinet lighting on the other hand is vital it illuminates your working surface providing ample lighting in front of you in key areas of your kitchen. But in your lighting plan don’t forget all the other lighting that is available for inside the cabinets and the undersides of worktops to create functional lights and dramatic effects of floating worktops. Consider also your ceiling lighting design, LED downlights are probably the most popular and efficient providing good cheap lighting options but the pendant still has its place and when illuminating an island they provide a different feeling and if switched separately change the whole atmosphere of the kitchen.




Knobs and Pulls -Believe it or not one of the most important decisions will be your choice of handles, the style of the handle will change the look of the door so choose carefully as a mistake here can be very costly. All these finishing touches will put the final polish on your kitchen so discuss all these options with your designer and make sure you create the kitchen of your dreams.

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