How Should Kitchen Appliances Be Arranged?


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When you’re designing your perfect kitchen layout, one of the most important considerations is the arrangement of your appliances. Get this wrong, and your kitchen will be needlessly inefficient.

Luckily, there are many different options for how to effectively place your appliances depending on the size and configuration of your space. To inspire your kitchen remodel, here are 5 ideas and kitchen recommendations to help you optimize the layout of your appliances:


1. Plan your kitchen layout to make your space a “social hub”

A kitchen is often the heart of the home. For modern kitchen design, especially one featuring an open concept floor plan, you want to want the kitchen to function as the social center where everyone can gather and feel connected, even if separately the individuals are engaged in different activities.

For example, multiple people might be preparing a meal while someone else is engaged in work / homework and another person is pursuing a craft activity or hobby. Yet, everyone can be centered around the kitchen and socializing.

For the layout of your appliances, you want to create space for multiple work zones - this way, the work of preparing and cleaning up after meals can be a shared activity. No longer is just one person expected to do all the work in the kitchen.


2. Bring appliances up off the floor

You probably assume that your dishwasher needs placed below a countertop while your oven goes below a cooktop range, because traditionally that where’s these appliances have always been placed.

However, the traditional arrangement is not necessarily the most user-friendly. If you have the space, consider elevating your appliances so that you won’t have to continually bend down in non-ergonomic ways to complete your kitchen tasks.


3. Arrange all your appliances on one wall

If you want to achieve a real “wow” factor in a large, open-concept kitchen, try placing all your main appliances along one wall. This design idea creates a wing for your cooking tasks while opening up the rest of your space for multi-purpose activities.

This set-up is better for your electrical wiring, because everything is concentrated in one place. Also, if you have small children, there is a clearly demarcated, designated “no touch” area where they should not go. 


4. Create a wet zone 

RTA Wood Cabinets

This tip is for small homes where you might want to bring together all your plumbing and pipes into one area to otherwise open up the rest of the available space.

A “wet zone” is the place where all washing happens, so you washing machine get placed right next to your sink. Not only can this save you time and money on your plumbing, you can conveniently do all your wet chores at once and concentrate any potential water issues.


5. Cover your cooker hood to blend with your cabinets

Every kitchen needs some kind of ventilation over the stove in order to keep the space sanitary and safe. However, there’s no need for the hood above your cooker to prominently stick out and ruin your otherwise cohesive kitchen design.

Instead of a prominent hood, you can plan for an alcove that will fit a discreet fan to extract smoke and grease from your cooktop. You can even plan to blend this with your upper cabinets to create an integrated design look.

Are you ready to upgrade your kitchen layout not only with a new configuration for your appliances but with new cabinets as well? 

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