How to Design Your Kitchen to Make Kitchen Cleaning Easier

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When you’re dreaming of re-designing your kitchen, while you’re undoubtedly excited about the fresh new look your kitchen will have, you’re probably not thinking so much about the cleaning that kitchen will need over the years.

But perhaps kitchen cleaning should be something you start focusing on during the design stage, to make sure you’ll get a functional kitchen that will be easy to keep organized and spotless for the long-term. 

Kitchens are notoriously messy spaces – after all, you literally can’t cook up an omelet without breaking some eggs. However, if you plan your kitchen design with the goal of minimizing the necessary cleanup, you can definitely simplify the chore of kitchen cleaning.

Here are three tips to consider during your kitchen design process to set you up for easier kitchen cleanup:


1. Create a Designated Spot for Each of Your Kitchen Items

When you’re planning your kitchen design, it can be useful to take inventory of everything you have and want to store in the kitchen. Make sure you then incorporate storage solutions so that there is a designated place to put away each item you own.

As the famous saying goes, you want “a place for everything and everything in its place.”

It’s a good idea to get really specific. Take stock of the particular appliances and tools you own, including their specific sizes and weights and how frequently you use them. Think about the kinds of groceries you like to buy and what type of storage you will need for various food items. And don’t forget about the kitchen cleaning products you will also want to keep in easy reach.

In addition to all the items that belong in the kitchen, plan as well for any of the items that frequently get brought into kitchens, things like keys, phones, mail, or bags that often get dropped on a kitchen counter or floor as someone comes through the door. Maybe you’ll want to incorporate cubbies or a designated storage spot for these items too in order to keep your kitchen organized.

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2. Keep Clutter-Free

One of the best things you can do to keep your kitchen clean is to stop clutter from collecting in the first place.

As you’re taking inventory of your kitchen items in order to plan your kitchen storage, use this opportunity to start streamlining how much you own. Do you have extra sets of dishes that just get dusty on open shelves? Are your closed cabinets filled to the brim with packaged foods you’re not going to eat? Now is the time to purge.

Pay special attention to clutter on your kitchen countertops. What kind of storage and cabinetry options can you incorporate to keep your countertops clear? Once you remove the clutter from your counters, not only will you have more space for kitchen prep, the counters will be easier to wipe down and clean at the end of the day too.


3. Choose Quality Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchens are high-traffic spaces that get lots of daily use. So, it’s important to choose quality cabinets that will stand up to all the cooking and entertaining you plan to do.

Not only do you need cabinets that will be durable, you want to choose cabinets that will be easy to keep clean. Even the most careful cooks are bound to make some messes in the kitchen, so you want to make sure your cabinets will be functional given all the demands of a typical kitchen.

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