Ordering Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Blue Kitchen Cabinets have become very trendy the past few months, its most popular use is for kitchen islands and accent pieces. Some people are putting in full blue kitchens. Another popular option is blues on the lowers with white for the uppers and a white countertop.

 JSI Royal Blue Kitchen Cabinet

There are different types of blue finishes for cabinets, some are stained, and some are painted, you can get a light blue or navy blue.

  Jarlie Aria Blue    CNC Elegant Ocean Blue Kitchen CabinetsCNC FashionOcean Blue Kitchen CabinetsCNC Park Ave Ocean Blue Kitchen Cabinets

One of the problems with trying to order blue cabinets is that because it’s a trendy color most cabinet companies don’t stock them and you have to get custom cabinets which cost a lot more and take at least 6 weeks to get them delivered. At RTA wood Cabinets we have three blue cabinet options that can be delivered in two to three weeks fully assembled ready to be installed.

We offer the Blue in three different door styles, the Horizon Blue is a beautiful painted blue finish  Elegant Ocean Blue which is a standard clean shaker door style, the Fashion Ocean Blue which is a more decorative shaker door with an extra step in the center panel and the Park Ave Ocean Blue which is a raised panel door. 

Blue Raised Panel Kitchen Cabinets

Are you looking for a stunning kitchen with some blue mixed in or a full blue kitchen Please reach out to one of our designers for a Free Kitchen design 800-788-7575.


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