Should I remodel the Kitchen when buying a house to flip?

A kitchen remodel is often the most expensive part of real estate flipping. Luckily, it is also the main attraction for prospective buyers. If you know how to do it right and were to allocate your money, you could exceed what is expected of the kitchen, and create an incredible selling point for your property.

Most house flips especially cheaper flips aren’t being staged with furniture when they go on the market that’s why its so important  that the kitchen should have new kitchen cabinets that are decent quality as it is the only room where you can actually see furniture aside from the bathroom vanities as the rest of the room will be empty.

In fact, selling points are one of the two key things you should consider when renovating this room. The other important part you should focus on is the overall appearance of the kitchen. Think of the overall appearance as the outward impression that the prospective buyers see from a distance, while the selling points the highlights that you will show them close up.

Knowing how to utilize both of these resources can help you sell your house fast, and at a greater profit.

In the past few years the white shaker kitchen cabinet is a very popular option across the US, at we have the CNC Luxor White collection, it’s a stunning White shaker in out group of contractor specials at an amazing price with an even better turn around time, we can ship it out the door within 3 days assembled.

Since the kitchens are the most important part of real estate flipping, and cabinets take up a large amount of space in the kitchen, it’s a smart idea to focus a great deal of attention on the cabinets.

When you buy, get a less expensive make. However, do not get the cheapest. Try to stick with plywood construction as particle board off the shelf cabinets can scare potential buyers away. If you skimp out on the cabinets, the buyer will know and perhaps become disinterested in the property.

As mentioned before, you should always be thinking about selling points. A great, inexpensive aspect to your cabinets, which you can use as a selling point for slightly nicer homes, is the addition of soft close hinges. These hinges make it so the cabinets do not slam when shut. In addition to cabinets, you can get soft close drawers so that your whole kitchen will match.

The Countertop

First and foremost, you should always contrast the color of your countertop with the color of your cabinets when you are real estate flipping. So, if you have dark cabinets then you should consider a light-colored countertop. Or, if you have light colored cabinets you should install a darker countertop. Try to stay away from neutral colors here, because they can washout the color of your cabinets.

Currently, granite is a very popular countertop material. Most importantly for you, granite countertops are a great selling point for real estate flipping. They are a bit more expensive than some other materials, but they might be a worthwhile investment depending on your budget. You should typically use granite in a more expensive property, especially those over $200,000.

You should try to save a decent amount of your budget for a granite countertop if you can afford it; this is not the place where you should cut corners.

However, for a cheaper property you may want to consider using laminate. These materials are much cheaper, and if you find the right style, they will certainly do the job.

The Floor

The number one rule when installing flooring is that you should NOT install a light-colored floor! Light floors are easily marked and scratched and can be a turnoff to potential buyers. In addition, dirt and grime will show up much easier.

These floors can get marked up while other renovations are being done and by the customers themselves during the open house. Always try to stick to neutral or dark colors for the flooring.

Moreover, Don’t spend a great deal of money on the flooring because there is a good chance that the new homeowner will buy a new floor anyway. Buyers tend to be very particular. Fortunately, flooring is an easier, less expensive change then cabinets. This means that the buyer’s focus, as well as your focus, should steer toward the cabinets and countertops.

The exception to this idea is if you have the same floor throughout the entire main floor, or the floor with the kitchen. By using this technique, you can make the entire floor feel larger and flow better together.


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