The Benefits of an Open Kitchen Design

Open kitchen designs have seen a recent resurgence in popularity, with many people opting for more flow between the kitchen, dining and living areas. If you are considering an open kitchen design, they can provide a number of benefits for your home. We have compiled a list of our top reasons to choose an open or broken plan kitchen below, to assist you in deciding if it is the right for you.


One of the main benefits of an open kitchen design is the illusion of additional space it provides. Although the extra space is not necessarily used in the kitchen, the flow between a kitchen and dining or living space can give the appearance that the room is more spacious. Removing walls between rooms will often mean wall cabinets need to be taken down too, and this can have a huge impact on the feeling of space.


Allowing light to flow freely between combined rooms maximizes the natural light available, creating a bright and airy home. An open kitchen design is a fantastic way to make the heart of your home seem fresher and cleaner without the expense, cost or inconvenience of adding windows. An added bonus of a brighter, more airy room is that it will often appear larger than it really is.


An open kitchen design is an excellent option for those who regularly entertain. By combining dining or living space with the kitchen, you can ensure that guests are not left for long periods of time when cooking or preparing food. It also combats the problem of guests congregating in the kitchen at parties – as with an open plan space, it is easier to have the furniture to accommodate people, rather than having to leave them standing as in a traditional kitchen.


Using an open kitchen design for your family home is a fantastic way to maximize the amount of quality time you get to spend together. Watching young children while cooking is not always an easy task, and similarly, engaging teenagers to spend time with you can be a tough ask. With an open plan or broken plan space, there is plenty of room for loved ones to be close by while food is prepared or cleaning tasks are tackled.

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