The Benefits of RTA Cabinets

A very popular alternative to custom-built cabinets is an RTA cabinet. The cost of custom cabinets can be substantial, but you’ll save a lot of money without sacrificing quality when you choose RTA. 

RTA cabinets are ready to assemble and come shipped in flat boxes that you’ll put together yourself. With ready to assemble quality kitchen cabinets, you’re presented with a huge advantage over other cabinet types. With the variety of RTA cabinets available, you can be sure you’re choosing a cabinet color and pattern that brings your vision to life.

What are some of the primary benefits outside of price that homeowners are choosing to remodel their kitchen with RTA cabinets?

Cheap RTA Cabinets

Quick Delivery

By ordering cabinets that aren’t yet assembled, you can have the cabinets at your door quickly, Once you order, they’ll be shipped and you’ll have them within weeks and not months. If you’re looking for a quick transformation of your kitchen, opting to get the cabinets without being assembled or customized provides greater flexibility for your schedule.

Variety of Colors

At RTA Wood Cabinets we have a large selection of cabinet styles. Whether you opt for a simple white paint, a classy gray paint, an elegant cherry stain, or a black stained wood finish, there are many options to consider.

Ease of Assembly

The main reason homeowners choose to go the route of RTA cabinetry is because of the affordable price for a big purchase. An added benefit is that they’re not difficult to assemble. There are very simple steps and assembly videos that result in sturdy assembly within an hour.

When you’re looking to remodel the kitchen with quality, inexpensive kitchen cabinets, browse the selection we have in our inventory at In Stock Kitchens. With the variety of stains and low prices, you can maintain some of your budget to upgrade other areas of the kitchen space.